Elevations RTC Recognizes The Value Of Support Groups For Parents Of LGBTQIA Kids

2021-06-21 16:00:00 - Salt Lake City, Utah - (PR Distribution™)

When a young person is ready to come out, it's always a big step. During these times, kids need their family's support more than ever. It's essential that parents are there for their kids and ready to have healthy and open discussions around the topic. However, what many people don't realize is that parents also need support.

While parents will love their children unconditionally and are 100% supportive of who their children are, the process can be overwhelming. Many parents of LGBTQIA kids are finding group therapy and support groups valuable when it comes to keeping their families strong.

Why Support Groups Help Parents Of LGBTQIA Kids

When a child or teen comes out as LGBTQIA, how their family takes the news is crucial. Many children fear coming out to their parents because they are worried their family will see them differently and may not love them as much. While a parent may have love in their heart, their actions and reactions towards their LGBTQIA child make a difference.

While you may feel overwhelmed by the news and what changes could occur, the most important thing is to be there for your child. Elevations RTC realizes that parents of LGBTQIA need support too, and when they put focus on family therapy, they can make a huge difference in their child's life. 

Many parents don't want to hurt their children, but the parent is hurting the whole family by not accepting that they are LGBTQIA. The Elevations RTC staff has put together many programs to help parents navigate their feelings. Since their recent support groups have been increasingly popular and have helped several families, they are working on adding a new support group to their program for parents.

Keep Your Family Together

When parents participate in these family support groups, they begin to realize they are not alone. If they are feeling upset or uncomfortable about their child's changes but still want to be supportive and loving parents, these groups provide them with the support and resources they need. 

Nobody wants to split their family up. Unfortunately, it has happened far too many times because the family didn't have the right support. Elevations RTC wants to see families stay together, which is why they put so much value into their support groups. 

It's not just the people who are going through changes that need help when it comes to navigating through their feelings. When the people in their lives who they consider their emotional support systems also seek therapy and group support, it can make positive changes that hold the family together like glue.

Support For All 

Parent support groups are designed to be inclusive and supportive of everyone. They will help families address specific problems and find healthy solutions. Their mission is to get families talking and find ways to reconnect and stay together.  Anyone who has been struggling to find the right support when it comes to dealing with their feelings towards their child coming out could benefit from this support group.

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