Elijah Norton Considers Running for AZ Congress

2021-08-25 09:00:00 - Phoenix, Arizona, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Elijah Norton, founder, and president of Veritas Global Protection, recently announced that he is considering running for AZ Congress in the next primary election. He would be challenging representative David Schweikert for the Republican nomination in Arizona’s 6th District, which has historically voted extremely conservative.


The campaign for Elijah Norton plans to focus on bringing ethical leadership to the district. As a business leader, he is taking his first exploratory look at the political side of the world. No official decision has been made yet, but Norton hopes to gather more information and see what type of support is out there for him.


In Norton’s way is an incumbent currently serving his sixth term in office. Each election, a Democratic candidate has put up a challenge against Schweikert, but the district continues to stay true to the Republican candidate. His margin of victory has dwindled a bit, but no Democrat has served the district since 1995. That is what makes Norton’s potential bid a very important race to track as it nears. Schweikert has not faced a candidate in the primary since 2016, which could make this one of the toughest battles he’s faced in his career.


Elijah Norton currently serves as the founder and president of Veritas Global Protection, based in Phoenix. The company sells vehicle service contracts and warranties to customers across the United States. He has played a hands-on role in growing the company into one of the leaders in the industry as drivers look for ways to add protection and peace of mind while in their vehicles. A native of Missouri, he relocated to Arizona several years ago and has stayed active in his new community. His new home and the potential to make a difference for those he represents in the district help fuel his desire to run.


A potential Elijah Norton campaign will lean heavily on his business and entrepreneurial background. Norton likes a lot of what he sees locally and nationally but believes that his young, unique perspective as a businessman can make a difference. Despite his relatively young age for a spot in Congress, Norton has owned and operated businesses for over a decade. Those years of experience in a changing world are not well-represented in Congress currently when looking at the age and occupations of all.


The plan is to make a formal decision soon on a bid for a spot in Congress. Norton and his team continue to gather information and craft a potential campaign to put him in the best spot possible to win. If the plan is to move forward, the Republican primary takes place in Spring 2022. 


About Elijah Norton


Elijah Norton is the current president and founder of Veritas Global Protection. With a specialization in vehicle extended warranties and service contracts, his company serves customers all around the United States by offering affordable solutions. Veritas is the latest of a variety of businesses the entrepreneur has played a major part in. Norton has been a full-time resident of Arizona since 2017, moving from his native Missouri.

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