Emmy Award Winning Broadcaster’s New Book Focused On Saving Careers

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - United States, Arizona, Phoenix - (PR Distribution™)

Emmy Award winning network broadcaster, Rick DeBruhl, has published a new book designed to help careers from stalling because of poor communication. 

Communicating at the Right Speed: 52 Ways to Fix Your Professional Communication Troubles is focused on helping leaders improve the one area that may be holding back their climb up the corporate ladder: communication. Often referred to as a “soft skill”, the ability to communicate is listed by recruiters as the number one requirement for every hire. 

Communicating at the Right Speed uses micro-learning to introduce concepts that help the reader understand how to improve the way they communicate in the workplace. Each page has an entertaining story or idea that can help people break through the barriers of communication. 

“There’s nothing simple about communicating,” says DeBruhl. “Getting it right requires constant care and feeding. This book helps people figure out how to start and where to focus.”

Primetime TV and podcast host, speaker and author Jeffrey Hayzlett wrote the forward, saying, “Rick’s book offers the level of expertise only someone with a lifetime of experience in communications can delve. This book is full of short, consumable information that can improve, not just an individual’s communication skills, but also how we communicate at a corporate level. Pick up a copy of this book in order to become a master communicator!”

Communicating at the Right Speed is available on Amazon.

About Rick DeBruhl

Rick DeBruhl is an Emmy award winning network broadcaster, keynote speaker and communication coach. He’s covered auto racing for networks like ABC, ESPN, NBC and Fox Sports and is currently the voice of the Barrett Jackson collector car auctions on the Motor Trend Network. In addition to his broadcast work, Rick has a master’s degree in media management and has worked as a Chief Communication Officer. In short, he’s a master of communication!

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