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  United Kingdom - 02/17/2020 (PRDistribution.com)

Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another. Three fashionistas - two Belgian and one French - are bringing the power of Empathy to the UK

Empathy is an exciting new fashion retail brand launched this year. It is the brainchild of its three founders : Sam Krimi and Matheus Moreira Serafim Clemente from Belgium, and Rayane Trabelsi who is a Frenchman living in London.

The business is the culmination of a lifetime of friendship between the three, who are all not only passionate about fashion but love street style and adore high quality.

The first Empathy collection is the Pre-Fall 2020, which has been imagined by 22-year-old artistic director Sam Krimi. The next collection for Spring-Summer will feature 12 pieces infused with Swarovski gems. 

The three founders identified that while mainstream fashion offers quality in abundance when it comes to the street style that so many people love to wear, the quality is sadly often lacking.

Empathy aims to change this by taking the off-duty street style and blending it with exceptional quality. The result is luxurious clothes that demonstrate the attitudesof the wearer. Buyers will be able to tell the world who they are and what they believe while wearing garments that have a couture feel.

As well as offering luxury, unisex clothing that looksand feels great, Empathy is more than just another brand. When someone where’s the companies clothes they will be part of a collective that is not only youthful, but also vibrant, creative, and representative of the togetherness that connects the founders.

Empathy’s unisex clothing reflects that its designers, makers and wearers all share the same aspirations, hopes and dreams. It does not matter what the gender, colour, or background of the people involved because everyone has Empathy.

The ambition of the brand is to create an Empathy Community that reaches beyond fashion.

As the founders say: “We believe that together we are powerful. We can achieve anything. It is the idea that powers Empathy itself, and we hope it will inspire the Empathy community.”

According to its creator, Sam, the Pre-Fall 2020 collection blends colours and shapes to create unique visuals that have a sophisticated and elegant look.

“Empathy is a brand that will take you on a journey, giving you a voice and connecting with likeminded people: a community who see the world, not as it is, but how it could be. We know fashion empowers, it can make a difference, as we develop the Empathy brand, our aim is not just to provide the finest street style for your enjoyment, but to share an idea that can help us transform the world - together.”

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