Empire Parking Services Tells The Real Story of Vehicle Booting in Atlanta and Cities Around the Country

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, Georgia, Atlanta - (PR Distribution™)

The parking enforcement, or booting, services have been in the spotlight over the last year in Atlanta. But, as with most controversies it is important to look at both sides. While it is easy to blame the industry for all the problems, they provide an essential service to hundreds of businesses while putting millions of dollars into the city’s economy each year.

Believe it or not, the parking lot is where businesses make their first impression. It’s part of the face of the business, and because of that, it must be maintained. If a customer becomes frustrated in the parking lot due to undisciplined drivers, they will already be in a bad mood the second they step into your business. Because of this, many parking enforcement solutions have evolved, such as vehicle booting.

Lately, vehicle booting has gotten a bad reputation in Atlanta. People resent getting their vehicle immobilized and being forced to pay a fine, and their resentment is understandable. However, it’s important to remember that parking enforcement is essential in keeping the law and order of our cities. Without it, people would park wherever they wanted, and driving would become absolute mayhem. As a result, vehicle booting is justified and serves a very important purpose for businesses.

Booting services can provide a cost-free enforcement solution for commercial properties, so the owner can focus on running and growing their own business instead. They will increase revenue for the business by maximizing availability of paid parking spaces and recover delinquent payments. This will also create happier customers, as there will always be parking spaces available to the paying customers. Furthermore, booting companies can reduce expenses by providing free automated payment machines, free parking cleaning and striping services. Whatever it is that your business needs, Atlanta booting companies can work with you to develop a custom parking enforcement plan and guide you through the implementation process. 

The regular patrols offered by booting services can be an overlooked benefit. Booting companies will constantly monitor your parking area, and this doesn’t just include the parking spaces. Parking lots are popular targets for criminal activity as they are mostly dim-lit and not equipped with security. Booting companies can prevent and report potential criminal activity, making sure that your business stays safe. Furthermore, potential criminals will take notice of the regular patrols, and avoid your parking lot when conducting their illegal activities. 

The process of immobilizing vehicles has greatly improved in recent years. New methods have been developed that prevents damage to the vehicle and can immobilize multiple vehicles per location. And the technology to enforce payments has improved as well. Trained technicians are now available 24/7 for customers to pay their fines via credit card payments, using mobile PDA devices. Vehicle booting companies aren’t out to harm people, so it has made sure that the process is as safe and easy as possible for people who violate parking laws. 

Vehicle booting is a largely misunderstood concept in the public’s eye. According to parking enforcement companies like Empire Parking Services, “It serves a fundamental purpose in keeping customers happy and regulating the safety of parking lots. It can also benefit the business with additional revenue and lowering costs.” Because of these factors, vehicle booting is here to stay. 

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