Enegix Energy to build US$5.4 billion green hydrogen facility in Brazil

2021-03-01 20:40:16 - Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

Enegix Energy announces the world’s largest green hydrogen plant to be built in Ceará, Brazil, after signing MoU with the state government. Base One facility will produce more than 600 million kg of green hydrogen annually from 3.4GW of baseload renewable energy.

Australia and Singapore, 25 February 2021 - ENEGIX ENERGY PTE LTD (“Enegix”) has unveiled the Base One green hydrogen project in cooperation with the State Government of Ceará, an investment of US$5.4 billion. Under the terms of the MoU signed on the 19th of February with the state governor Camilo Santana, Enegix will set up the world’s largest green hydrogen plant that will produce over 600 million kg of green hydrogen per year from already contracted 3.4GW of combined baseload wind and solar power through a partnership with Enerwind.

Base One will be established in the state of Ceará, northeast of Brazil and will provide a strategic location for Enegix’s renewable hydrogen production with direct access to all major international markets via ocean freight. 500 hectares of commercial land has been scoped in the Port of Pecém, a world-class deepsea port with established infrastructure and access to the required quantities of water - to enable the electrolysis process to separate hydrogen and oxygen elements. Enegix’s planned next-generation facility will be run completely using renewable energy with zero emissions and will harness the great renewable energy potential that Ceará has available with solar and onshore and offshore wind to be realised allowing Base One to be expanded to over 100GW to meet global demand.

“Our partnership with the Ceará State Government is a major milestone for the company. Base One will turn Ceará into a major hydrogen export location and establish Enegix as a global renewable power producer aligning with our vision and strategy to replace expensive, high emission power grids with renewable, baseload, and cost-effective zero-carbon grids. Through this partnership, we plan to create a new model of sustainable energy for the world’s fast-growing population while reducing dependency and cutting end-user costs on high carbon-emitting fuel sources like diesel.” 
Wesley Cooke, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Enegix’s Base One facility will create thousands of jobs during the construction phase and will allow for the employment of hundreds of full-time operational staff to manage the facility, with far-reaching, positive social benefits to the local community and the state. The planned next-generation facility will be run completely using renewable energy with zero emissions.

Currently, humans emit 50 billion tonnes of CO2e annually into the atmosphere, a staggering figure that is up 40 per cent since 1990. Base One has the potential to reduce annual CO2e emissions by 10 million tons per year and would become the single largest carbon emission reduction project in the world.

“For us, hydrogen represents a version of the future we aspire to. A new way to power our lives without polluting and destroying what matters most, our home, the one we all share and must protect. It’s the catalyst for a new energy equality revolution that affords the chance to use this technology for good to address the plight of the billions of people without access to the basics; electricity, water and food who when left behind remain powerless to change their circumstances. A hydrogen economy is possible now, we must take the initiative and build it so that everyone can benefit from the universe's most abundant element.” says Cooke.

The project is expected to take 3-4 years to build. Enegix has signed a MoU with a leading international engineering firm and technical consultant to undertake a feasibility study, and will soon start the process of obtaining environmental and social licenses. Currently, Enegix is seeking partnerships with investors and is running an open capital round, more information can be obtained at https://enegix.energy/investors.


Enegix Company Keynote

The unveiling of the Enegix Base One project also marks the debut of Enegix on the world stage. The company will live stream a keynote presentation from Wesley Cooke, Founder and Chief Executive Officer and Marco Stacke, the company’s Chief Operations Officer on Thursday, 4th March, 2021. The event will be available to watch on their website at 11:00 am GMT.

About Enegix Energy

Enegix Energy is registered in Singapore and Australia and is currently relocating its corporate head office to Switzerland. The company has been established with a vision to deploy and manage renewably powered, utility-scale energy grids powered by hydrogen which is a key component in our strategy and will be used for electricity storage and distribution, transportation, fuel applications and re-electrification power plants to power the shift to renewable, zero-emission economies in key markets.

To discover more, please visit their website https://enegix.energy

Enegix Press Event

Following the Enegix Company Keynote, the company will hold a press event to answer questions from the media. Details can be accessed and registrations can be made by using the following link: https://enegix.energy/media

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