Entre One Launches The Chief FC, A Limited Series Of Digital Collectibles (NFTs) Inspired By The #1 Pittsburgh Steeler – Art Rooney Sr.

2021-10-25 12:00:00 - Middleport, Pennsylvania, United States - (PR Distribution™)




MIDDLEPORT, PA, October 25, 2021 – Today, Entre One is pleased to announce The Chief FC, a limited series of digital collectibles (NFTs) inspired by the #1 Pittsburgh Steeler – Art Rooney Sr.  Entre One is a data-informed NFT Platform enabling Social and Advanced Personalized Media Experiences.


One of the initial collections is the Towler Digital Collectibles, unique and personalized NFTs programmed with many different traits and affinities including emotional expression, game time accessories, and clothing, to name a few. All Towlers are awesome, but some combinations of colors and accessories will be rarer and more difficult to find than others. Owning a Towler also allows an individual access to a unique social club that enables fans to digitally engage in professional video and user-based media experiences individually or as a group. 


“The life of the late Pittsburgh Steelers founder, Art ‘The Chief’ Rooney is legendary throughout Steelers Nation and sports historians,” said Tom Chaffee, Executive Producer & CEO of The Chief Partners. “Starting with the smash hit, one-man stage play, ‘The Chief,’ and my team making the movie – both starring the amazing Tom Atkins – I've continually looked for ways to broaden his legend and keep his story alive and relevant to all audiences, especially the younger generation.”


“We’re thrilled to launch these advanced media collectibles with Tom,” said David Russek, Entre One’s CEO.  “What’s truly exciting about the experiences we are enabling is that they allow collectors and fans alike to build and collect shared memories that create value over time. The dynamic social engagement features utilize a personalized video that creates a social collective around the collectibles.”


Added Chaffee, “I've known David for many years and when I heard about Entre One's leadership role in the NFT Digital Collectibles space I was confident they are the perfect partner to help promote ‘The Chief’ story.”


Digital Collectibles, known as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), are one-of-a-kind items with digital certificates of authenticity. Buying and owning a digital collectible means you have a certificate of ownership. Your authentic, verifiable digital collectibles are stored on the Blockchain, a secure and transparent digital ledger (ERC-721). Entre One exclusively utilizes patented software that enables data-informed NFTs which advances social/digital media infrastructure and creates more value for audiences, fans, and rights holders.


For loyal Steelers fans, a Towler Digital Collectible is also your membership and key access to The Chief FC, a socially driven club where fans, family, and friends will experience the amazing story of “The Chief,” his beloved Steelers Nation family, and the Pittsburgh community within an advanced media environment.


The Chief FC “member-only” benefits include the “Get To Know The Chief” experience and Entre One in the coming weeks will be adding engaging personalized features, including Faith & Family engagements and Football & Friends activations. In the club, you’ll be able to showcase your Towlers, share stories, engage with the community and your experience will be personalized for you as an individual, for your family, and your friends. 


The Chief FC has several waves in which it will fully implement its offerings:


First Wave

Our first wave will be for Numbered Personality Towlers that you will have access to mint when you own a Charter Membership Towler. Minting will commence shortly after the first 100 Charter Membership Towlers are sold out. Numbered Personality Towlers will be able to be re-sold on Ethereum based marketplaces like OpenSea immediately after being minted.


Second Wave

Open up sales of Charter Membership Towlers and Numbered Personality Towlers on The Chief FC marketplace as well as Ethereum based marketplaces like OpenSea.


Third Wave

Additional Numbered Personality Towlers released featuring other members of The Chief's team of All-Stars.


Fourth Wave

With Towlers available for resale on Ethereum based marketplaces and The Chief FC next-generation marketplace you ensure that your NFTs can be sold and resold on traditional marketplaces as well as the next generation of blockchain-based NFT trading available as part of the Entre One platform.


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“The Chief” movie is a rich, inspirational piece of Americana about the #1 Pittsburgh Steeler – Art Rooney Sr.  For natives of the “Burgh” and diehard Steelers fans, it is a near-religious experience. Adapted from a one-man stage play, the film lets you step inside Rooney’s office and come face to face with the guiding force behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. Known far and wide as The Chief, Rooney is one of America’s and sports' most beloved characters. Hear his personal tales of faith, family, and football, watch never-before-seen interviews with former Steelers' greats, family members, and notable friends, and see and hear Franco Harris talk about the famous “Immaculate Reception” catch which catapulted the Steelers into their dynasty years.





Entre One is a data-informed NFT Platform enabling Social and Advanced Personal Media Experiences. The company leverages exclusive patented software to craft personalized blockchain media-based experiences which advance social/digital media infrastructure and create more value for audiences, fans, and rights holders.


Entre One: Building and collecting shared memories that create utility over time.

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