Entrepreneur Raquel Vendome Continuing Her Family’s Real Estate Empire New York City

10/09/2018 04:00 - NEW YORK NEW YORK - (PR Distribution™)

Entrepreneur Raquel Vendome is continuing her family's legacy of creating innovative and cutting-edge architectural concepts. With big shoes to fill, she hopes to carry on the legacy of her father, Antonio "Nino" Vendome. As a real-estate icon and legend, Nino is a true visionary who championed "habitable sculpture" architectural concepts with Phillip Johnson back in the 1990s.

Nino is synonymous with integrating artistic touches with modern and contemporary architecture. This includes his signature building called The Seasons, which ushered in the "architecture as sculpture" movement. Similarly, his wide body of work includes The Urban Glass House and Nino's American Kitchen -- each embodying the allure, essence and spirit of the City that Never Sleeps.

With this in mind, Raquel has endeavored to carry on the meticulous and tediously-built empire that her father created. This includes new concepts and different plans for current and future projects, along with working alongside Nino on the proposed "habitable sculpture"- a modern-day sky rise that will be constructed along 62nd St. and York Avenue. This building will encompass environmentally-sound residential and commercial complexes accentuated by cubist-style art, décor and designs.

Habitable sculptures are the brainchild of Nino, and are inspire by Picasso and Braque masterpieces. The 62nd St. building will feature 50 residential units with unique floor plans and commercial spaces. These units will be designed with the latest in environmental green options, along with high-end acoustics and compelling designs. The Vendomes are working with Alan Ritchie and Phillip Johnson on this project -- with all hoping to achieve artistic visions that embrace functionality, performance and the practical needs of the surroundings.

With grand plans in store for the Vendomes, Raquel has pledged to uphold the virtues and uniqueness on which the family empire was built. This includes honesty, along with civility, and integrity in all services from start to finish. In fact, these traits were bestowed on Raquel from her parents, and serve as the backbone of the Vendome real-estate and architectural empire. Similarly, these values were also instilled upon Nino by his parents, and continue to be the pillars of the business as the family moves forward.

Raquel is facing the same challenges Nino faced when he was starting out. However, with hard work and determination, Nino was able to climb the ladder of success within the real-estate and architectural realm. This has served as an inspiration for Raquel -- who remembers how her father defied the odds to become a reputable and successful businessman.

According to Raquel, she was inspired because she had watched her father work tirelessly to achieve what he has accomplished today. She also stated that she wants to expand on what her father built, along with continuing the family legacy and passing the business down through generations.

With strong family values at the core of the business, Raquel and Nino embody the spirit of hard work and overcoming daily challenges and obstacles. This has given Raquel the right recipe for success; one that continues the great works her father and peers did for the industry as a whole. The Vendome real-estate empire is not just a vision; it is a reality with captivating and engaging architectural designs across the Big Apple.

The Vendomes are New York's premier architects and designers. With a myriad of existing and upcoming projects, Raquel and Nino are heralded for their creativity and ingenuity across the design industry. Raquel is also positioned to enhance and extend the family's commitment to excellence in design and application. Stay tuned for more upcoming projects by the Vendome Group and visit their website today.

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