Escape Rooms Can Teach You How To Be A Better Person

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Life is an Escape Room: Apply Lessons Learned from Successful Escapeletes to Achieving More in Life

Alexandria, Virginia – March 2, 2020Life is an Escape Room demonstrates how the skills you gain playing escape rooms with intention will make you more successful in all aspects of your life. Join the adventures of two successful escapeletes, one a former FBI violent crime analyst now an entrepreneur, the other a Deputy Director at the Pentagon, and share in their learning about how to be more successful in life. 


What is an escape room? An escape room is a game in which a team gathers in a themed room to work together to “escape.” Life is an Escape Room takes the lessons learned from these escape room adventures and applies them to help readers be more successful in their lives. Each chapter provides entertaining and insightful advice—and exciting stories—to help readers improve their professional and personal life. Read to find out how a booby-trapped Egyptian tomb, following a pirate’s treasure map, a Sherlock Holmes mystery with an obstacle course, and a playground can make lives better by improving self-awareness and personal skills.


“I Love, love, love this book! If you have experienced escape rooms (or have no idea what they are), this book has amazing life lessons that will ignite and enlighten you. I enjoyed the varied and sometimes hilarious adventures these two had with their worldwide escape adventures and the way they wove these adventures into how we can advance in every aspect of our lives; priceless!” – Melinda Crocker, Author of the Seasons of Suspense series


Life is an Escape Room is available as of 02/28/2020 on, through Kindle at $7.77 and paperback at $11.77.

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