Ethical Tattooing in New Mexico: Ben Shaw and Archetype Tattoo Studio Making their Mark

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Albuquerque, NM (January 7,2019)—Ben Shaw is a licensed professional tattoo artist of 19 years. He is owner of Archetype Tattoo Studio, and cofounder of The Guild of Ethical Tattooists. Tattooing is his passion and he is working to promote affluence within his industry through education, charity and a health conscience practice. 

Shaw began speaking at schools, health affairs, and outreach programs to teach about body art health and safety. Influencing our youth to avoid body art until later in adulthood. As he did this, he became more involved in the 2015 legislative session and was honored to address New Mexico’s senate and house of representatives to pass senate bill 275. Ultimately, it created a regulation board called the Board of Body Art Practitioners. This board is suited to effectively license body artists in New Mexico. 

Alongside the Guild of Ethical Tattooists officer, Steve Truitt, Ben Shaw advocates the vital health and safety aspects to tattooing and piercing. Visiting schools, Guild members share their knowledge with New Mexico youth, arming the kids with useful information, facts and images. Many of the kids were already exposed to unprofessional body modifications, and the Guild strives to prevent as much danger to the kids as possible. The Guild’s mission is to educate the bolstering community of healthy tattooing and piercing practices. 

In December of 2019 Ben Shaw was recognized as The Best Tattoo Artist of Albuquerque, NM by ABQ MAG. After mastering his craft for almost 20 years, Shaw has developed his art of tattooing with grace and precision. His calm demeanor and welcoming personality provides the perfect environment for all of his clients to feel comfortable and safe. Shaw finds it a privilege to be a tattoo artist and give people the ability to express themselves in a beautifully crafted way. 

Archetype Dermigraphics Studio is all about promoting a high ethical standard and a sense of community and a union for those who are in the tattoo industry for the right reasons. Archetype is not only a tattoo studio, but a place for artists of all mediums to collect knowledge from one another and inspire each other to branch out and tap into new veins of thought.

“Art is for sharing not only imagery but reaches to the gut and root of human experience.”

We invite all those who love art. Whether you produce it, like to enjoy it, or love to wear it, Archetype is the place where it all intersects. We encourage everyone to visit us at Archetype Tattoo studio on 2019  Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107 or check out Archetype’s website at . Learn more about Ben Shaw at

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