Eurocake UAE Announces New Distribution Partner NTDE

2021-12-13 19:30:00 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - (PR Distribution™)

Eurocake UAE Takes Bold Relaunching Step and Announces New Distribution Partner NTDE   


Premier baked goods division of Dofreeze LLC introduces new Premium Cakes and BeFIT product lines in midst of distribution coverage expansion to reach 8,000 outlets in UAE


Dubai, UAE – November 13, 2021 – Eurocake, the premier baked goods division of Dofreeze LLC, a Dubai-based global leader in the bakery industry, has taken a bold relaunching step in the UAE, announcing new distribution partner NTDE, a strategy that spearheaded redistribution efforts on October 1 of this year and which will enable Eurocake to expand coverage to reach 8,000 outlets – starting with 5,000 outlets by December this year.

Eurocake UAE Relaunches with NTDE press release



In the midst of this coverage expansion and relaunching efforts, the brand also plans on introducing its Eurocake Premium line with two unique product series, Premium Cakes and BeFIT, representing Eurocake’s years of expertise in crafting high-quality, wholesome snacks that titillate the taste buds and tame relentless sweet cravings. Available in Salted Caramel, Black Forest, and Intense Chocolate flavors, the Eurocake Premium Cakes combine ingredients such as rich chocolate, decadent dark chocolate layers, vanilla cream, cherry fillings, and salted caramel layers to yield a convenient on-the-go dessert snack for today’s busy consumer.

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The Eurocake Premium BeFIT product range consists of the Keto Brownie and Protein Brownie Bites, each catering to a demographic engaging in a keto diet, referred to as a nutritional strategy capable of inducing and maintaining a chronic state of ketosis. The Keto Brownie takes the classic treat to a whole new level, with Eurocake master bakers having created this delicious snack to ensure consumers never have to succumb to an extreme sugar craving again. Available in a rich Cocoa Orange flavor, the Keto Brownie features no added sugar, five grams of net carbs, five grams of protein, high fiber, prebiotic characteristics, no artificial preservatives, and colors diabetic friendly.

Currently without peer in the marketplace, the Protein Brownie Bites are soft, bursting with chocolate, chewy and dense, offered in a delicious Amaretti Chocolate flavor that yields as much protein as the regular protein bar. Perfect for those going gluten-free or adhering to a keto diet, the Protein Brownie Bites are vegan-friendly, have four grams of protein, high fiber, and no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavors and colors. What’s more, this plant-based alternative to sugar-loaded traditional brownie products is guaranteed to satisfy the most intense of sweet cravings before or after fitness routines.

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Boasting over five decades of experience as a key distributor, logistics partner, and retailer, Dubai-based NTDE (National Trading and Developing Enterprises) enjoys unrivaled partnerships with international brands backed by extensive market insight and expertise. With six strategic divisions that complement each other – Consumer, Restaurant, Tobacco, Fashion, Household and Pharma – and over 100 trusted global brands under its umbrella, NTDE helps organizations reach the right customers with a full spectrum of services for corporate, retail, distribution and other ventures.

“The NTDE Group is built on a solid foundation of equally-important priorities that form the ethos that drives everything the company does, and we’re proud to be partnering up with such a powerhouse for Eurocake’s distribution in the UAE,” says Aamer Fayaaz, CEO of Dofreeze LLC. “We also know that NTDE is selective with regard to its choice of partners, and this goes beyond financials, products, or contracts; rather, the organization looks for relationships, shared values, and synergy for the long haul, something the Dofreeze corporation takes very seriously.

“It’s no surprise that brand partners have been with NTDE for decades, and we hope for a similarly successful partnership.”

Eurocake plans to introduce premium and healthy snacks in the baked goods/snacking category on an ongoing basis, with many more exciting products to be announced in the near future.


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