Eva Mayer Becomes the Most-Discussed Poet in Russia

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

Eva Mayer, a young poet who is only at the start of her artistic career, has made a revolution in contemporary Russian poetry with the release of her new poetic album “ME.” Mayer’s bold free verse poems revealing the truths of life are now much discussed on different social media platforms, attracting more and more attention to her work and personality. However, Eva Mayer’s poems are not the only subject of discussion in Russian media. People discuss her dressing style, figure, and appearance in detail, raising the everlasting question: beauty or talent?

Eva Mayer was born and raised in Siberia. After graduating from Altai State University, she moved to Moscow. At the time, the young woman could not even imagine that she would become a poet and public figure, but life decreed differently. The beginning of 2019 changed everything in her life. After so many challenges and heartbreaking experiences, Eva Mayer could not ‘remain silent’ any longer. It was the point when poetry came to her naturally, showing the way to express the thoughts about the world we all live in through the art of spoken word.

During the course of only one year, Eva Mayer released three poetic albums, each distinguished by the poet’s bold style and unique voice. Her last collection of free verse poems introduced this past November was the biggest success, becoming a new milestone of Mayer’s creativity. It also gave impetus to many discussions revolved around her work and personality.

“You are rebellious, wicked, and hungry for the words and meanings (in the good sense)… you are unique, create…”

“She is not Zhanna Aguzarova, but she is a bold, strong, not capricious, and life-aware creative person”

“Beautiful, arrogant, but to the point”

“… her always-mischievous eyes hide incredible wisdom and knowledge”

“Charming and attractive, a beautiful woman who knows how to combine restraint and sexuality”

“A young woman with a model appearance. Very beautiful”

“Too much ‘sex’ in the photos… this is strange for an artist… but she is cute, with an excellent figure”

(All quotes are translated from Russian by Fine Art Shippers, https://fineartshippers.com/)

Many men, many minds. Some people love and discuss Eva Mayer’s poetry; others pay much more attention to the poet’s appearance than to her work. However, the truth is that Eva Mayer is a rare mix of beauty and talent, and she is not afraid to show all her sides to the world. She is a multifaceted person who is sure to achieve new heights in her artistic career. Join Eva Mayer on social media to learn more about her poetry and life.

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