Evander Holyfield joins Dr. K.A. Paul and 100’s of other Americans to save India’s 700 million COVID.19 infected persons.

2021-05-24 22:41:15 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

WHAT: Dr K A Paul live press meet 
WHERE: word of life ,3811 N. Meridien Ave. Wichita, KS. 67204.
WHY : To Expose the Truth that over 700 Million Indians are infected with COVID 19 and millions are dying . Shocking news. All the national and international media is invited via zoom link attached.
WHEN: Tomorrow , Tuesday 25th May at 11am CST 

India is dying. Credible reports are saying that 100’s of thousands of people a day are dying. Although the facts are being grossly distorted and minimized for political reasons. 

Thankfully, The Indian Council of Medical Research ( ICMR) Indian government founded organization said on 5th Feb that 20% Indians approximately 270 million have been affected, other experts say since the Feb & March Indian elections and dozens of supper spreader events it increased to 60 to 70% of  total Indians. Doctors, nurses and medical professionals are speaking the truth but from a safe distance. This is because the PM Modi government will not let the media speak. senior media journalists who’ve dared to report shortcomings of this administration have been killed over the past seven years since Modi became the Prime Minister as per reports. 

Is it true that 70% of state of Uttar Pradesh 200 million have been infected with Corona Virus? The doctors are saying just that. But let’s say that only 50% have been infected – that’s still 100 million of the 200 million in a single state. A senior staff member of mine had 12 out of 12 family members infected, her mother recently died on May 4th from the virus for the lack of a hospital bed In U.P. 

In south India, Visakhapatnam, my father, my sister and her husband and son have all been infected. In short, as per reports, at least 50% of Indians have been infected with the 1.4 billion people, and the death and health complications are unimaginable to most in the West. Many say Over the past 30 days millions are dying according to several doctors. They don’t know what to do with the bodies, countless floating down the Ganges River, many more being cremated. This is far beyond control. 

If 700 million of the 1.4 billion are infected and if millions are already dead what is happening? An investigation by the international community must begin immediately into the truth of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in India. This is particularly imperative since the press has been intimidated to report the enormous scale of the crisis. 

I am not afraid to report to the world what is actually taking place in my beloved India. I have no other agenda than the truth. Prime Minister Modi happened to be my good friend as well as Home Minister Amit Shah  until March 18th 2021. That’s when I felt it necessary to openly criticize the PM in India’s capital city of Delhi with Rekesh Tikait, the spokesman for all Indian farmers, representing over 60% of India. Also standing with me was Mr. Yudveer Singh and others. 

These key leaders and others joined me openly along with Pandit N K Sharma who told in detail that 26 major companies are being sold in the name of privatization. One steel plant for example is $35 billion. Life Insurance Corporation of India worth hundreds of billions of dollars have already had 10% sold off to Mr. Modi’s close friends. This list goes on and on including banks. This also includes airports and rails that hundreds of millions travel on. There are many credible reports to reference for this that is stripping India of her wealth as predicted by my good friend Steve Forbes. 

What can we do? This is not the time to fight about politics. Although PM Modi encouraged the recent elections to go forward in major cities and villages with hundreds of thousands gathered in super spreader events. Then countless millions stood in long, close lines to cast their votes. And 5 state elections from south Kerala state to North east west Bengal and North UP panchayat elections In other words, all of India had elections in one form or another during the worst possible time in India’s history given this deadly pandemic in the month of March. 

Further, the Khumbamela event  in UP State, the Hindu Ganges River had a gathering at one time of 3.5 million people in one day dipped themselves and then returned to their 678,000 villages and towns in what was likely the largest super spreader event on earth. All of this remarkably irresponsible behavior was not discouraged but encouraged under the Modi government. He did not attempt to mitigate this at all until I came out openly on March 18th and condemned his behavior. (But, again, much of the media was controlled not to report this.)

PM Modi’s close friend came to my hotel in Delhi and said “What you have done is enough to be put to death or at least thrown in prison. Run away from India for now. Anyone who speaks about Corona Virus in India under the new act they passed, justifies prison for 7 years.  The main purpose of this press meet is to call the world to help save India and donate medicines, medical equipment and much needed funds through tax deductible donations . PayPal : [email protected] Com . Pl join me via zoom  Holyfield for a live in-person press meet at word of life 3811 N. Meridian Ave. Wichita Kansas 67204 at 11 am on Tuesday, May 25th ONLY to press reporters. If you like to join via zoom pl email at [email protected] and call to confirm with PS Rob at 3168389200




Timing: 11am CST tomorrow 25th May. At : Wichita press is invited to attend live at the word of life church 3811 N Meridian Have. Wichita KS. 67204


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