Explore The Beaches Of Mexico By Using Royal Holiday Vacation Packages Such As Royal Holiday Cancun

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Mexico attracts around 41 million visitors each year, putting it ahead of the UK and Thailand in terms of tourist numbers. One appeal of the country is that it's easy to get to, especially from the United States, with nonstop flights taking just a few hours from several important hubs such as Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York. Mexico is also one of the world's cheapest destinations and your money goes a lot further than in many European or South American destinations.

But of course, there is far more to love about Mexico, and the country is home to some of the most stunning and popular beaches anywhere. Many tourists come here for the beautiful white sands, the spectacular views and to experience water at the perfect temperature for swimming or diving, and it's no surprise that some of Mexico's beaches have become among the most popular in the world. In fact, Mexico boasts almost 6,000 miles of coastline, making it easy to find the perfect beach along the Pacific Ocean, or perhaps the Caribbean Sea. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly expanse of sand with all the water sports you could want, or a picturesque secluded cove located off the beaten track, you can find it here. If you fancy the idea of getting married on that idyllic Mexican beach, you aren't alone; perhaps not surprisingly, Mexico has become one of the most popular places for destination weddings. It's something of a challenge to name the best beaches in Mexico; everyone has their own opinion and part of the fun is just discovering that perfect stretch of sand yourself. 

Many visitors to Mexico understandably spend much of their time on the beach, although Mexico offers so much more. Within easy reach of many of the more popular beaches are the Mayan and Inca ruins that have attracted archaeologists and tourists for centuries. One of the most impressive is the 30-meter high stepped pyramid at Chichen Itza, which has become a popular day trip from Cancun. Mexican cuisine is enjoyed around the world, although a visit here lets you try the real thing, with the many regional specialties that can be found throughout the country. Mexico also offers visitors a variety of outdoor activities; everything from golf, trekking, and horse riding to zip-lining, kayaking and caving can be enjoyed in the country's varied terrain. Shopping is also something that attracts visitors to Mexico, and although traditional markets come to mind, the country has more than its share of designer boutiques and huge malls. 

Mexico didn't invent the all-inclusive resort, although the country has embraced the convenient and money-saving concept, and is now home to some of the world's best resorts in such well-known places as Cozumel, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen. Customers want convenience and value for many when booking a Mexican holiday, and Royal Holiday vacation packages provide that and so much more. With destination resorts throughout Mexico, customers may find the hardest part is deciding where to go. Whether you are looking at a Royal Holiday Cancun resort, or perhaps a vacation package in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán or Puerto Vallarta, you can expect the same value for money, world-class customer service and all the amenities and activities you could possibly need. Royal Holiday guests can enjoy water sports, a choice of restaurants and dining options, excursions to places of interest, on-site entertainment and shopping, nightly entertainment and more. And of course, it's all included in the price, making planning and enjoying a dream vacation to Mexico easier than ever.

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