Exxentric Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary Giving Back to the Sports Community

2022-02-15 19:15:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

The market-leading flywheel training brand is donating 15,000€ worth of material to local sports clubs lacking access to quality strength-training equipment


February 15, 2022 - Exxentric, the global market-leading flywheel-training company, is reaching the end of its 10-year anniversary celebration. To celebrate the milestone, it is donating a total of 15,000€ worth of elite flywheel training equipment to small sports clubs and schools through a new public-spirited initiative.  


Exxentric was founded by Fredrik Correa, M.D., and Mårten Fredriksson. The two met in 1994 studying at the Swedish School of Sports and Health Science in Stockholm, and training elite junior hockey players. There, they realized that their sports clubs’ budgets did not allow junior players to have access to free weights, which limited their strength and their potential, impairing them for the rest of their careers.


Unhappy with this, the pair looked for other possible strength-training solutions until, in 2010, they designed their first flywheel multi-exercise device that works in a similar fashion as free weights, but uses a flywheel for resistance instead. From then, Exxentric was born and grew quickly to become the market leader it is today. Its flywheel training devices are smaller and more versatile than large resistance machines, making them more accessible to clubs of all sizes.  


As the brand celebrates its 10 year anniversary, the team wants to give back to the community they became inspired by. “We owe the community the very idea behind our products,” said Correa, CEO of Exxentric. “When we designed the first kBox device, we were looking to fill a gap in the needs of athletes and rehabilitation patients in our community. They are the ones who have brought us here. It only makes sense to thank them for that.”


For this, they are conducting a community-driven initiative open to local sports clubs and schools, worldwide, and donating a total of 15,000€ of elite flywheel training equipment to select entrants so they can access the training equipment they are lacking. Interested clubs and organizations can enter here.  




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Exxentric is a flywheel-training brand whose products are used by performance coaches, personal trainers, and physiotherapists worldwide since 2011. The kBox is Exxentric's flagship product, based on decade-long experience in flywheel training technology. Exxentric believes in making people stronger. Having the strength to endure and succeed is important not only for performance but in life in general. Therefore, they innovate in order to provide effective tools and methods which will allow people to succeed when it matters.

To learn more, visit https://exxentric.com/.

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