EZ Blockchain and the new partnership with KTS Engineering will promote renewable energy and reduce natural gas flaring

2019-04-04 12:09:05 - United States, Illinois, Chicago - (PR Distribution™)

Chicago-based blockchain technology service company EZ Blockchain recently signed a memorandum of agreement forming a strategic partnership with KTS Engineering, an official distributor of Jenbacher gas electric generators.

The partnership was shaped by the shared goal of reducing natural gas flaring. This problem is a consequence of infrastructure shortcomings, specifically the limited facilities or means of transporting the natural gas released in oil drilling. Ultimately, flared and wasted natural gas has a measurable and negative impact on the environment, and further affects access to sustainable energy for local communities and results in dollars lost in local markets.

The partnership that will change everything

KTS Engineering will be supplying Gas Generating Units for EZ Blockchain projects in the oil and gas industry, specifically to reduce flaring, to create access to sustainable energy for communities, and to inject more capital into the market using resources otherwise being wasted.
These units will be used by EZ Blockchain at their new North Dakota oil field based mobile data centersfor on-site generation of electricity to support blockchain and Bitcoin mining by using associated natural gas that would otherwise be flared and wasted.

Jenbacher is also backing the partnership between EZ Blockchain and KTS Engineering, and all the players are now in place for EZ Blockchain to start developing the first North Dakota mobile data centers location.

EZ Blockchain’s new oil field based mobile data center to be powered by flared gas  

The new mobile data center will begin operation within coming months in North Dakota, at Bakken Oil and Gas Formation where about  2,000 megawatts worth of natural gas is flared per hour, according to data analyzed from the North Dakota Industrial Commission.

EZ Blockchain will be harnessing a small portion of that power to convert wasted gas into electricity for the 5MWs oil field based data facility they’re building—and while a 5MW crypto mining data center is sizable for the blockchain industry, in terms of the available energy being wasted each day, the amount of flared gas equals greater potential energy that could power dozens of similar locations if harnessed and used.

This new partnership will provide EZ Blockchain with competitive, direct OEM pricing on GenSets on top of extensive technical expertise and customer support in design, production and field operations. And with the impact EZ Blockchain and KTS Engineering can have on the environment and on the blockchain industry, the success of this partnership has no limits.

EZ Blockchain is open for new cooperations with oil and gas companies which have a gas flaring problem. Our turn-key mobile wasted energy reduction solution can bring a lot of benefits to oil and gas industry. Contact EZ Blockchain via their website, www.ezblockchain.net.

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