"Faces and Lies" Packs Mystery and Thrills into One-of-a-Kind Story

2022-01-21 08:33:46 - Schaumburg, Illinois, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Margaret Podmore Emery’s Debut Novel Leaves a Lasting Impression


eBooks2go, an Illinois-based publisher for independent authors, proudly announces the release of Margaret Podmore Emery’s debut book “Faces and Lies.” The new novel is a mysterious thriller with an equestrian backdrop. 


For over a year, Devin Marques’ home is entered by strangers, but nothing of value is stolen — except her sense of security. 

She receives crank calls where no one speaks then hangs up. She is followed around the mall during a shopping trip. But despite all of these incidents, the police tell her that there’s nothing they can do.


Amidst these distractions, she must compete in a horse show the only time her groom, Wendy Hilliard — who hasn't taken a single day off since she was hired — goes missing, under strange circumstances. 


She then receives "cut-and-paste" notes from her unknown assailant, accusing her of "not seeing" some person she realizes must be part of her social circle. Someone close to her, who has the ability to harm anything and anyone special to her. 


But who? And why?


“Faces and Lies” is a wild ride that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. 


After many years of on-and-off writing, retirement allowed Emery the opportunity to finally finish her ever-evolving manuscript for “Faces and Lies.” She grew up enamored with horse stories such as Anna Sewell's “Black Beauty,” so releasing “Faces and Lies” as her debut novel is a full-circle moment for Emery. 


“Faces and Lies” is now available worldwide and can be purchased from Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo and the eBooks2go Bookstore


About eBooks2go:

eBooks2go, located in Schaumburg, Ill., was founded in 2011. eBooks2go provides eBook conversion services for publishers and offers independent authors services such as eBook distribution and marketing, sales tracking, app and website development, editing, cover designs and much more! eBooks2go also operates from India offices located in Chennai and Hyderabad. For more information on eBooks2go, visit www.ebooks2go.net.


About Margaret Podmore Emery:

Margaret Podmore Emery, like many other schoolgirls, read every horse-related book she found, from Anna Sewell's Black Beauty, Marguerite Henry's offerings, every entry in Walter Farley's Black Stallion series and any other author who incorporated horses in any way in the story line. In high school, she would create her own (horse-related) stories instead of paying attention in class. She has researched, written and revised "Faces & Lies" off and on during a lifetime of work-related (but not horse-related) writing assignments: feature writer for a weekly newspaper, newsletter design and layout for a parents' group, office procedures manual and correspondence writing, editing and revision for a government agency. In retirement, she decided "now or never", publication-wise, for her constantly evolving manuscript. She hopes someday her granddaughter, who pronounced herself a "cowboy girl" during a pony ride, will find it interesting.

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