FACET Celebrates 40 Years in Business and Overcoming the Odds

2021-10-15 18:30:00 - Houston, Texas, United States - (PR Distribution™)

FACET, a global talent management consulting firm providing innovative and strategic solutions through corporate Outplacement, Coaching and Retained, is celebrating 40 years in business.

HOUSTON, October 2021— FACET is a Talent Management Consulting firm started in 1981 by Carolyn Greco to provide a unique and legendary brand of classic, proactive and personal support to both individuals and groups through Outplacement, Coaching and Retained Search services. Carolyn was inspired to start FACET from her interactions with business owners who were faced with the reality of needing to lower their overhead by reducing their workforce with dignity and respect and maintaining positive corporate responsibility to their workforce and community. 

At a time when women-led companies were sparce, Carolyn parlayed her teaching and training experience into bridging the gap between employers and employees. Using her previous business experience, she sought to build relationships with companies initially in Louisiana and Texas, primarily in the oil and gas industry. As word spread of her success in coaching and supporting outplaced individuals to effectively manage their careers.

With outplacement trends rapidly adapting to meet the reality of the pandemic era, 24/7 platform connectivity and social profile setup support is critical. Always with a keen eye to employment and industry trends, FACET’s reputation spread to become first nationwide and then global. FACET is a proud Founding Partner of the Global Outplacement Alliance (GOA) which has over 200 service offices worldwide.

FACET has continued to thrive despite economic downturns over the years by continuously focusing on their philosophy of one-on-one, personal service and being guided by real service and integrity. While many firms have created automated assembly-line resources for employees, FACET’s 100% personal accountability approach and use of experienced Career Strategists has led them to help thousands of people from the Executive Suite to Frontline to improve performance, change careers and/or find or move into the ‘right’ position.

The expansion of a Search Division has supported numerous companies and organizations to acquire their needed talent with the right cultural fit. 

Staying in business for 40 years is a feat for any company, and FACET is excited to see what the next 40 years bring!

For more information about FACET, refer to facetgroup.com, reach out to Nicole Dupre via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicoledupreor call 888-868-8973.


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