Fertigation Saves Water & Costs – Turf Feeding Systems Launches Project on Colorado Golf Course

2022-06-20 19:00:00 - Katy, Texas, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Turf Feeding Systems is installing a fertigation system at Broadlands Golf Course in Bloomfield Colorado, to help save water, fertilizer, and costs.

Matt Whalen, the new superintendent at Broadlands GC, wants to make it the best course in the area, but faces water and budget issues. So, Matt called Michael Chaplinsky, the president of Turf Feeding Systems, a fertigation company in Texas, for help and ordered a fertigation system for the golf irrigation system.

A fertigation system is a special automatic liquid fertilizing system that injects fertilizer into the irrigation to make every drop of water sweet with fertilizer, like hydroponics, to grow grass fast, save water and fertilizer.  It’s the most efficient way to grow grass.

Matt Whalen has used Turf Feeding Systems before at Cheyanne Country Club, where he reduced water use by 50%, saving over $100,000, and created a great golf course. 

Cheyenne Country Club Changes the Golf Game by Reducing Water Usage Over 50% While Following Turf Feeding Systems’ Sustainable Practices (prweb.com)

Michael Chaplinsky explains, “We have helped many golf courses struggling with limited water or low budgets for over 35 years, so we were happy to help Matt again.

We also helped Jeff Wagner, at Boiling Springs municipal golf course in rural Oklahoma save $70,000 and create the best course in his region.”

Fertigation Story Boiling Springs by Turf Feeding Systems - YouTube

Chaplinsky concludes, “Fertigation is a great tool to add to any irrigation system for sports fields, parks, or landscape.”         

Turf Feeding Systems is leader in fertigation equipment across the U.S. and can help any golf course or sports field save thousands of dollars and grow great grass.

Turf Feeding Systems – Website  www.turffeeding.com -  Email mc@turffeeding.com

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