FFTOB Launches less expensive bag line, “PROBIE by FFTOB”

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA - (PR Distribution™)

 After airing on Shark Tank, Firefighter Turnout bags will officially be introducing their line of less expensive bags at FDIC international (Fire Department Instructors Conference). The fabric used to make these bags is the same fabric firefighters wear every day to keep them safe. The only difference being, that the fabric is new, making it less expensive in labor costs to construct the bags.

Firefighter Turnout Bag’s reason for wanting to launch this additional line of bags was twofold. First, about 75-80% of firefighters in the United States are volunteers. The recycled bags are too expensive for some volunteers and cannot justify the purchase of one. Also, some people want to buy a bag for their child. But again, cannot jusify spending the money on somthing the child may loose or destroy. We know that these people would still love to have one of these bags, not only because they represent firefighters, but also because they give back to the firefighter community. FFTOB wants to make it more affordable for volunteer firefighters and others to show their involvement and support in firefighting, while giving back to the firefighter community. Secondly, the number of requests for a less expensive bag, discount requests, and complaints about pricing has really driven FFTOB to find a way to offer a more affordable solution for those individuals. FFTOB prides itself on listening to not only its current customers, but listening to potential customers as well.

Although there were varying opinions, many individuals were in favor of the new product line, “I'm a retired firefighter and saw your presentation on shark tank. I like your product and to tell the truth, it does not matter if you are using gear that is retired or made from new Nomex stock.”- Chuck P. from Virginia.

Many were worried that FFTOB would stop creating bags from retired turnout gear altogether, but that will not be the case. FFTOB will always offer the option for bags made form retired turnouts because the company’s mission is to recycle this gear, keep it out of landfills, and give it a second life! FFTOB also loves that each bag made with recycled materials is unique, and carries history with it.

About FFTOB: The Original Firefighter Turnout Bags by Niki Rasor recycles retired firefighter gear (turnouts) to create unique handbags, duffle bags, backpacks, and more. FFTOB’s mission is to keep retired turnouts out of landfills. FFTOB not only donates monthly to three wonderful charities, they also accept donation requests from other charities and fire departments.

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