First Blockchain application in Europe for Security Guarding and Physical Security Services

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  Switzerland, Ticino - 06/12/2019 (

CIVIS select Coinnect to develop the first Blockchain application in Europe for Security Guarding and Physical Security Services.

Coinnect used TRON to implement the project.


CIVIS Group, an Italian leader in the Security Guarding and Physical Security Services Industry, announced today an innovative program for the adoption of Blockchain Technologies to support transparency and certify critical business processes and activities. Coinnect, a blockchain technology company, will assist CIVIS for the design and implementation of the project. 

Blockchain technologies enable to permanently register events and documents, removing the need for a central authority and the risk of informations being modified. Storing “hashes” in Blockchain transactions it is possible to enable a new level of trust between multiple parties. 

Civis will “certify” services like audits or security events on Blockchain, customers will be able to autonomously verify date, time, integrity of documents and operations performed by Civis. This will be achieved without publicly sharing
confidential data and in full compliance with GDPR. Blockchain verification will be possible only for legitimate owners of data and once informations are “linked” with Blockchain transactions there is no possibility to alter and modify these data enabling a new level of transparency and audit in performing critical security processes.

Marco Bisi, CEO of CSA Srl, IT Company of CIVIS Group, commented: “CIVIS has built his success on “trusted” business relations with customers, taking really seriously the responsibility of being a Security provider. Today Blockchain technologies allow us to introduce a next level of transparency and trust: we are able to certify with a neutral, decentralized and unalterable ledger critical performed operations. Customers will be able to verify our job with the guaranty that no one, included CIVIS, will be able to manipulate and modify certified data”.

Massimiliano Rijllo, Coinnect CEO, added: ”We are really glad to cooperate with CIVIS for a real Blockchain application that perfectly fit one of his key characteristics and use cases: distributed and unalterable ledger. With this important step, CIVIS confirm the excellence of his business processes, the attention for innovation and technologies”.

Andrea Scremin, IT Manager of CIVIS Group, provided more details: “Innovation has always played an important role in our group, our objective is to integrate Blockchain in existing and future software applications. We are adding a next level of trust and transparency, we are doing this in a fast and easy way providing a customer experience that is a simple evolution of our services and web applications”.

Emanuele Gagliano, Coinnect CTO, highlighted: “For the CIVIS project we selected a next generation Blockchain like TRON, we are able to manage thousands of transactions, we implemented the solution in short time and used a real trusted decentralized ledger thanks to a Blockchain that is now one of the first in terms of DAPPs (Decentralized Applications) volumes”.


Founded more than 50 years ago, CIVIS offer custom Security Guarding and Physical Security Services to companies and individuals. Innovation and technologies are key elements for CIVIS to maintain and develop his leadership, Blockchain adoption allow for the first time a next level of transparency in the industry: customers can autonomously verify on
an unalterable ledger operations performed by CIVIS as a Security “outsourcer”. CIVIS is the first Security Guarding company in Europe to adopt Blockchain.
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