Fitness Mentors Survey Results: Best in Fitness & Personal Training for 2022

2022-03-04 19:30:00 - San Clemente, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Fitness Mentors, leaders in the personal training education industry, have recently published the results of a study, titled Best in Fitness & Personal Training for 2022, that represents the universal pulse of the fitness industry through the eyes of certified personal trainers (CPTs).


In a survey of over 400 participants, data was collected to provide insight to current and future CPTs on the state of personal training and the preferences of both trainers and their clients. Eddie Lester, Fitness Mentors’ CEO, notes, “We conduct the Best In Fitness & Personal Training annual survey to determine the trends for personal trainers. The survey’s results are especially important this year, as the global pandemic has shifted the client-desired training approach to a hybrid strategy of both in-person and virtual training.”


Lester, who maintains a role as head instructor at Fitness Mentors alongside his CEO duties, also mentioned the importance of positioning for personal trainers based on insights like the ones in their survey. For example, the best nutrition tracking app, MyFitnessPal, was overwhelmingly chosen by respondents (78.3%), indicating a trend for personal trainers to utilize, or at least establish familiarity with, this popular software.


The best social media app for promoting personal training business was Instagram, being the preference of 42.2% of survey respondents, demonstrating an upward trend in a visual-based marketing strategy.
Additional surveyed topics included the best of workout apps, weight loss workouts, recovery tools, certifications, equipment, apps, ways to run CPT businesses, and more. Visit to see the results.



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