Florasis Releases ‘Impression of Dai’ Collection with Updated Ingredients, Highlighting China Beauty and Chinese Aesthetics

2021-12-23 21:45:00 - Seattle, WA

All major online shopping platforms and brands are kicking off the pre-sales for the Chinese Double 11 shopping festival and Black Friday, and consumers around the world are about to unleash the biggest online shopping spree. ‘Impression of Dai’ Collection by Florasis was recently released after two -year intensive R&D and officially hit the market on Oct. 20.


As a popular Chinese cosmetics brand, Florasis has been focused on developing‘Eastern Impression’ Collection and both ‘Impression of Dai’ and ‘Impression of Miao’have been inspired by traditional Chinese culture, and incorporated the ingredients, technique and makeup featuring rich traditional cultural heritages, reflecting its corporate philosophy of ‘Co-Create Products With Craftsmanship, Endue Tradition with Fashion.’



Incorporating the newly developed ingredients inspired by the traditional Dai medicine.


As one of the four National Medicine Schools in China, Dai medicine can date back to 2,500 years ago according to Pattra-leaf Buddhist Scriptures, a virtual encyclopedia of Dai people.  Dai medicine remains in practice till today and the rich botanical heritage of Dai is to be further explored. 


All products of ‘Impression of Dai’ Collection include innovative ingredients ?Four Quadrants Formula TM?newly developed by Florasis jointly with Prof. Yi Fan and his team with the Academy of TCM Beauty Supplements, mirroring the traditional Chinese medicine prescription philosophy of ‘The Monarch, Minister, Assistant, and Guide’s Protocol’which balances and coordinates the proportions of different herbs to attain different skincare effects. The Four Quadrants Formula contains four flower essences from the Dai rainforest to soothe the skin. These four ingredients complement each other and work together to create an antioxidant effect and leave skin feeling moisturized.



Four Floral Essences of Dai Forest


In addition to its popular classic products including Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-light Setting Powder, Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Powder Pencil, Yurong Water Lily Cushion CC Cream,  ‘Impression of Dai’ Collection introduces newly designed Fairy Peach Blossom Pressed Powder and Floral Engraving Forest Aura Makeup Palette to this limited-edition elegant new range. 


The Fairy Peach Blossom Pressed Powder in this collection has been updated specifically for the new collection. The updated ‘wet-powder processing technique’ applied can best attain the moisturizing ingredients and guarantee the best moisturizing effect in harsh autumn and winter. The designed dual colors of mint green and peachy beige can ensure a translucent natural glow.


Floral Engraving Forest Aura Makeup Palette is as rare and as extraordinary as the people of Dai. It combines eyeshadow, blush, and a highlighter in a single compact for ultimate versatility. Rainforest hues sit alongside the colors found in peacock feathers together with catwalk trends in this exclusive set. Featuring matte, glimmer, and multichrome colors which glide on like silk and are easy to blend, leaving a colorful and natural finish, thanks to the nourishing floral and plant essences traditionally used by the Dai people and the newly developed ingredients of Four Quadrants Formula. 





Inspired by the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, Florasis inherits and pioneers the philosophy and practice of developing products which feature nourishment from flower and natural essence, and adopts modern technologies in creating cosmetic products. Its star products Fairy Peach Blossom Pressed Powder and Yurong Water Lily Cushion CC Cream are all characterized with unity of makeup and skincare, and integration of traditional medicine with modern technology.



Entering the forefront of international market, eastern aesthetics are changing the trend of cosmetics fashion


In addition to extracting the natural herbal essences of the evergreen rainforest of Dai people, Florasis joined hands with Mr. Yuan Changjun, a Master of traditional Chinese crafts, when crafting the ornate case to revive peacock totem of Dai people. Mr. Yuan uses modern craftsmanship to highlight the romanticism and charm of Dai and skillfully combines the flamboyance of the peacock in each product, fully displaying the dynamic beauty of Dai peacock.


Moreover, Florasis joined hands with Mr. Wang Jia, a star makeup artist, to create stunning make-up styles including Trendy Peacock Make-up Style, Fairy Peach Blossom Make-up Style, rendering the beauty of confidence and vogue.


Expo 2020 Dubai opened in October 1, 2021 in the United Arab Emirates, and it happened to be the National Holiday for Chinese. Since its debut at China Pavilion as its designated supplier, Florasis has been drawing increasing attention of the local visitors, who are very keen, appreciating the peculiar eastern aesthetics displayed in the exhibits and exploring the stories behind the brand. 

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