Flowers Wilt, Candy is Consumed. Then, What? A Thoughtful Gift From Bring My Song to Life Can Make Valentine's Day Last Forever

2022-01-14 22:04:55 - Houston, Texas, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated as a day for romance since the Middle Ages. The oldest known valentine in existence was a poem written in 1415 by Charles Duke of Orleans, to his wife, following his capture at the Battle of Agincourt. Several years later, it is believed King Henry V hired a writer named John Lydgate to compose a valentine note to Catherine of Valois.


Thanks to Bring My Song to Life (, no one today has to go to such extremes to give a Valentine’s Day gift that will last forever. 


“What better way is there to say, ‘I love you,’ or to express any sentiment, really, than through a customized song, with lyrics that tell your story and that of your special someone? Bring My Song to Life was created to fulfill this need,” says CEO Mylène Besançon.


The gift of music, after all, represents the poetry of light and time. It is immutable; therefore, it is immortal. What Bring My Song to Life offers its clients is the articulation of their vision – one that is theirs, and theirs alone – making each song unique and memorable. 


Through Bring My Song to Life, clients are able to create their song from any part of the world, with some of the finest professional musicians around the world.


The lead and background vocalists, guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, pianists, project managers, composers, saxophonists, mixing and mastering engineers, songwriters, and more, have vast experience performing, top-lining, composing and collaborating on songs across a wide genre of music – ranging from pop, rock, country, hip-hop/rap, and rhythm and blues/soul. 


For a Valentine’s Day gift that has meaning and will last a lifetime, consider a song from Bring My Song to Life’s talented team. Flowers wilt and candy is consumed. Then, what? You and a loved one can listen to, and enjoy, a song for an eternity.   

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