Fomo2Moon, a Blockchain Lottery for Everyone to Win

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - LONDON, UK - (PR Distribution™)

You are a hodl-er and you have lost all of your portfolio value in 2018. If there’s a single chance to recover, what can it be? What if there’s a Lottery even you can win? Not just chances, but also guaranteed income. Now, there is a Blockchain Lottery that doesn’t hoard your money, but actually redistributes all incoming Ether back at lucky players. And there are FOUR ways to make money from it. Are you ready to Fomo-2-Moon?

On Fomo2Moon (F2M), in each Lottery round, you can buy Tickets to win GRAND Prizes of up to 6,000 ETH in total, and also Side Prizes of up to 3,000 ETH in total. It’s super simple: you buy Tickets, wait for the one of the two timers to reach zero and, bingo, some lucky you WIN!  


The best thing is, besides chances, you can also earn guaranteed income by

1) buying Tickets early each round, for up to 300% return;

2) buying Tokens anytime for passive income and profit after 30 days;

3) helping your friends join to earn commission;

4) going to the website when a round ends to claim bounties, up to 100 ETH in total per round.


This might be the beginning of a revolution called “Making Money On-Blockchain” (or MMO-B).

But how much it takes to join? Only a bread’s worth of $0.2.

Above all, this might be the ONLY Lottery you can trust. Because you don’t need to trust any Human. Only trust the immutable code deployed on the Ethereum network.


Have you heard of Fomo3D? It’s a Mega-Millions on Blockchain, and a massive success in 2018, with its smart contracts handling over 500,000 ETH! Unfortunately, Fomo3D is practically dead, following a series of shortcomings.

Such shortcomings have been overcome with a series of innovations to make Fomo2Moon a fairer, more advanced, exciting, and sustainable Blockchain Lottery.


Each round, you gain different advantages no matter if you join early or late.

Before F2M Lottery Round 1 begins, you can join Round Zero by January 15, 2019 for a slight pricing advantage.

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