Forget Tinder and LinkedIn. Ridesharing is the new social centre.

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In a joint groundbreaking rideshare survey conducted by Bellhop, RideGuru and The Rideshare Guy, respondents showed how changing mobility options are impacting their daily lives from increased sociability, earning potential and networking, to reduced car ownership and DUIs. Respondents are even marrying people they meet in pool rides.

With 1,007 total respondents this comprehensive survey was the largest of its kind focused on passenger rideshare use. Respondents spent over 150 hours answering 41 in-depth questions across rideshare habits, spend, impact, future technologies as well as other shared mobility options such as bikes and scooters. The survey ran from Thursday, August 9, 2018 to Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Additional video and infographics are available at: 

The top 10 takeaways from the survey are outlined below.

1. People are spending more and riding more:
35% take a ride share at least once per week
21% take a ride share 3 or more times per week
7% take a ride daily
68% see themselves riding more
28% spend over $500 annually
38% spend between $100-$500 annually

The more money you make the more frequently you will use rideshares - Below is the percentage of who takes rideshares at least once a week:
40% of <$50K
33% of $50-$100K
35% of $100-$250K
68% of >$250k

2. Ridesharing has had an overwhelming positive life impact. Respondents claim due to ridesharing that they:
Date more - 4%
Are more social - 24%
Earn more - 10%
Have increased productivity - 23%
Would consider living somewhere else due to accessibility - 18%
Overall lead a better life - 23% 

If ridesharing disappeared tomorrow:
13% would be late for work a lot more
15% would have to move closer to public transit
31% would go out less
3. Pool rides are still in minority
48% have never pooled
37% occasionally pool
Only 7% use pool for most rides

4. Is Pool the New Tinder & LinkedIn?
14% have been offered work through connections made in pool rides
32% made friends or useful connections through pool rides
1 in 50 went on a date from meeting someone in a pool ride
3 respondents married someone they met in a pool ride

5. Rideshares are changing the way people drink/drive and view car ownership
A staggering 63% said rideshares had stopped them possibly driving under the influence
39% of respondents are less likely to buy vehicles because of rideshares.

6. Bikeshare usage is still in the very early stages although respondents are open to combining modes in the future
Only 14% were regular users of bike or scooter shares however, 30% saw themselves using them more in the future.

Biggest Factors in Choosing Bikes over Rideshares?
Exercise - 26%
To Save Money - 30%

46% were open to using a combination of bikes/cars to get to their destination in the future

7. Biggest Rideshare Gripes
Respondents complained about vomit fraud, safety, and drivers giving low ratings but the two biggest issues were:
Surge Pricing - 38%
Drivers taking a longer route - 35%

8. Taxis & Driver Pay
50% believe rather than pay more, that the drivers should get higher commissions from rideshare companies
53% said they don’t mind if the ride hailed is a taxi or regular Uber/Lyft

9. Most respondents weren’t ready for autonomous cars
64% would like to choose between autonomous and non-autonomous cars when booking
64% wouldn’t feel safe without a driver
39% would jump in a flying taxi tomorrow if it launched but most think it’s too early

10. Regulation
89% of people do not think cities should implement rideshare regulation

Further Survey information:
The survey was promoted jointly by RideGuru, Bellhop, and The Rideshare Guy. No payments were made for any responses. Respondents entered a prize drawing for one of four $25 gift certificates which were selected at random. All answers were given anonymously. For more detailed survey information please contact us at [email protected]

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