Founder Quanzelle Wyatt Shares His Story and Talks About Why He Started His Agency

2022-10-15 19:00:00 - Ohio, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Being an entrepreneur and offering a unique service or product in the market is a challenge on its own. But some talented and hard-working individuals are driven enough to make it happen. Quanzelle Wyatt is one of these dedicated entrepreneurs, and he founded a marketing agency called Digital Q Studio. His journey has been unique due to all the battles he has fought in life. 

Quanzelle was born in Toledo, Ohio and had a tough childhood. He was born with a serious medical condition called Supraventricular Tachycardia. His condition early in life transitioned into Ventricular Tachycardia, which made matters worse. Growing up, his life was relatively different from others, and there were many experiences Quanzelle had to miss out on. 

Not being able to play sports or participate in any physical activities wasn’t a pleasant feeling, but Quanzelle pushed through. His father wasn’t around much, but his mother and siblings’ support helped him fight these tough days. Playing video games and reading books were Quanzelle’s major hobbies. They have helped him become an imaginative person ever since his early years. 

Quanzelle’s unique interests led him in a rather interesting journey during his time at EMU. He went to Eastern Michigan University at first to major in Stimulation, Animation, and Gaming. He then switched to Communication Media and Theatre Arts with a minor in SAG, and ended up learning the best of both worlds. This knowledge enabled him to think creatively and critically at the same time. He hasn’t finished his schooling at EMU, and plans on going back to acquire his college degree sometime next year. 

Gaining the right amount of knowledge and experience over these years gave Quanzelle the confidence to fight his fears and chase his dreams. Today, he is running Digital Q Studio and utilizing his skills in a fruitful manner. He is slowly building a team to help improve the quality of services at scale, and offer experiences to potential clients looking for creative solutions for their brands. 

Digital Q Studio stands out in the market offering services in brand strategy, content marketing, social media marketing, and web design by offering unique personalized creative solutions specific to different brands and small businesses. 

Helping businesses grow and reach their maximum potential gives Quanzelle a sense of achievement. He wants to ensure that talented business owners do not get left behind just due to a few shortcomings. Extending help to others through his skill set is an ultimate goal for Quanzelle, and that has been the biggest reason behind establishing Digital Q Studio. 

Gaining success and generating enough revenue to live a comfortable life is something Quanzelle looks forward to. He has been through some tough times in life and wants to ensure that his success is able to help him drift away from those memories. Quanzelle’s mother has faced many challenges in her life as well, but he aspires to give her a better life now. 

Having a creative mind and keeping it alive in a brutally practical world is not easy, but Quanzelle has made it happen. His ability to turn his weaknesses into strengths is also something many can learn from. Digital Q Studio has a lot of potential and will gain further traction if Quanzelle and the team he’s building keep working hard.

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