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  Florida, Tampa, USA - 02/25/2019 (PRDistribution.com)

FPR FORCE will now service Cities inundated with abandoned homes. FPR FORCE, a licensed, bonded and insured Court Appointed Receiver, will pursuant to a Petition filed with the Court, act as the Receiver on the City’s abandoned properties that have delinquent code violations and unpaid maintenance and water fees. FPR FORCE will rehab the properties, restoring them to code compliant and habitable condition, at no out of pocket expense to the City. FPR FORCE will occupy the properties with vetted individuals and make monthly payments to the City to reduce their debt balance, while maintaining the properties to code and community standards.

FPR FORCE is vertically integrated to provide a comprehensive program that covers the entire process from start to finish at no out of pocket expense to the City.

Managing Partner, Harold B. Klite Truppman, is an attorney with over 29 years of experience, receiving his Juris Doctor, Law from the University of Miami. Additionally, Mr. Truppman also holds an MBA in Business from the same.

FPR FORCE’s comprehensive cost-free Receivership program enables the City to increase revenue and reduce debt, expenses and liability. Through rehab and maintenance, FPR FORCE beautifies and enriches the community by eliminating code violations, maintaining and preserving the homes and increasing property values that collateralize the City’s debt and pay the City’s taxes. Occupancy of the properties increases City income and reduces City debt from FPR FORCE’s collection of rental fees and income from the spending power of new resident tenants. Additionally, the occupancy of the properties reduces police, fire and code service calls by reducing theft, vandalism, unlawful occupation and other crimes and increasing the comfort and safety of the City’s citizens. FPR FORCE’s rehabbed, maintained and rented properties appreciate property values, increasing the likelihood of foreclosure and tax sale surpluses, offering additional opportunity for debt collection. For more information, visit our website at www.fprforce.com


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person_outline  Full Name:Harold B. Klite Truppman
phone  Phone Number:(407) 246-4545
business_center  Company:FPR FORCE
language  Website:fprforce.com
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