Free announcements by AviaVox support the fight against COVID-19

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - (PR Distribution™)

AviaVox, the leading provider of intelligent artificial voice systems for airports and airlines, is playing its part in combatting COVID-19. The company is offering a package of public safety announcements to stores, schools, stations and any other environment where people congregate, anywhere in the world. The announcements are free to download for everyone.

The package contains announcements about safe distancing and good hygiene. The first package will be available to download from the AviaVox website in the choice of English (British, American and Australian), Dutch, German, Italian or Spanish. More languages will follow shortly.

The company’s voice technology normally generates passenger announcements for airports and airlines. Its clients include major airports around the world such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, London Heathrow, Milan, Melbourne, Delhi and Doha. 

Johan Godin, managing director of AviaVox, hopes that this free service will make a positive contribution to a safer society. He further explains:

“We are seeing that countries, each at their own pace, are opening up their public spaces again. As soon as places such as schools, shops, train stations and museums are more frequently used, public safety announcements will be needed to remind people to observe social distancing and hygiene rules.

Our years of experience in preparing automatic announcements guarantees short, powerful and - above all - effective broadcast messages. Organizations can now make use of this expertise because we have prepared a series of corona-related announcements for a wide audience in multiple languages.

These announcements can be downloaded from our website as MP3s, at no cost and requiring nothing in return. The messages can then be used over existing public address systems or a simple Bluetooth speaker. The range of announcements is suitable for any places where people gather, large or small. With this we hope to contribute to a safer environment for both staff and visitors.”

Anyone interested in accessing this package of announcements can do so via this AviaVox webpage:


About AviaVox

AviaVox is a leading provider of intelligent artificial voice systems for public announcements in airports and is instrumental in helping airports and airlines meet their business and regulatory targets. AviaVox generates synthetic speech of such high quality and intelligibility that it’s indistinguishable from the human voice. The airport solutions are currently available in almost 40 languages.

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