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Amuneal CEO, Adam Kamens and fellow Philadelphian John Pomp, will engage in a candid conversation alongside John’s latest works on display throughout Amuneal’s NYDC showroom. The talk, moderated by Katy Donoghue Editor in Chief of Whitewall will be held on Wednesday September 14th as part of the NYDC’s annual What’s New What’s Next celebration.

New York, NY – Amuneal is pleased to announce the unveiling of work by longtime friend and fellow Philadelphia maker, John Pomp in conjunction with the New York Design Center’s What’s New What’s Next programming. Amuneal is hosting the survey of John Pomp’s work in their NYDC showroom as a backdrop for the featured talk between Adam Kamens and John Pomp. The two first met as glassblowers 25 years ago and while they have traveled different paths, they are both back in Philadelphia running two of the most respected maker brands in the design market. The discussion will explore the inspirations and the journeys that fueled their individual transformations from studio glass artists to owners of their own brands.

Join Amuneal on Wednesday, September 14th, in celebration of What’s New What’s Next, and in anticipation of John Pomp’s new showroom, slated to open this fall at The New York Design Center as Katy Donoghue of Whitewall moderates this candid conversation with longtime friends, makers, and CEO’s, John Pomp of John Pomp Studio and Adam Kamens of Amuneal as they share their history in glassblowing, life, business, art, staying creative and what keeps them connected to Philadelphia.

The panel discussion will take place in Amuneal’s showroom, Suite 1314 at 200 Lexington Avenue, at 5:45 pm on September 14th, live on Instagram, and will be directly followed by a cocktail reception.

About Amuneal 
Amuneal is a collection of extraordinary people who make extraordinary things. The company, founded in 1965 has grown to over 200 employees in multiple locations. Amuneal’s ability to produce things that others deemed impossible resulted in the company’s initial recognition within the design community as a go-to resource for custom fabrication. Its growth has continued, including the introduction of its own showrooms, through the development and popularity of its own in-house designed products. Today, Amuneal remains a family business and represents a story of American design ingenuity and manufacturing excellence – in its roots as an industrial supplier and in the last decade as one of the foremost designers, and makers in the country. www.amuneal.com

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