Gillam Designs: Introduction To The Face Behind The Brand

2022-02-09 21:48:53 - Apollo Beach. Florida - (PR Distribution™)

Welcome to the scene Mary Gillam with Gillam Designs. Located in Tampa, Florida, Mary specializes in all things real estate. She is a realtor, interior designer and a dream come true for investors who desire to make money without doing all of the dirty work when it comes to the hard worked involved with investment properties. 


We are excited to announce the launce of our brand new website This all inclusive site includes things like our portfolio, things to do around the areas of Tampa and St. Pete, a DIY style blog and so much more! About Gillam Designs: From large-scale remodels to simple individual kitchen or bathroom updates, Gillam Designs will expertly reflect your personal taste and style. As principal at Gillam Designs, LLC we have garnered clients and followers from around the world. As pioneer of the white-wall, laid back Florida aesthetic, Mary’s coastal chic design approach and affinity for found objects has made her a household name. Mary imbues a bit of coastal chic in all of her projects but craves a design challenge and opportunities to show off her ever-evolving style. No matter what the style she is asked to create, each space designed by Mary feels cozy, polished, and unique. Today Gillam Designs provides designs for large scale residences. Mary and her team work with architects and contractors to bring the distinct visions seen in her work to life. Light filled rooms, colorful textiles, natural elements, earthy textures, and brushed metals, are the elements that define and can always distinguish a Gillam designed home.


Mary was born and raised in a Virginia suburb of Washington DC. Mary spent her early career in clothing design for a number of large retailers and did a stint in NYC with both well known, and upcoming designers. She has spent over 10 years in Florida and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at Eckerd college with a double major in International Business and Communications and a minor in Spanish. Since graduating she has continued with her passion of creativity and design. Mary has found a knack for creating beautiful spaces in many of her own real estate portfolios and using her skills to create visions for all her customers. She brings enormous energy to every project and loves what she does. She loves creating comfortable, functional kitchen and bath spaces with a sophisticated edge. Mary also has a trained eye for the layering of colors and textures. Best of all, Mary offers a boutique, fun start to finish project ranging from new construction to renovations and remodels with licensed and experienced contractors.



“I love creating comfortable, chic, livable rooms with an understated, sophisticated edge. I am most recognized for the ability to create welcoming, harmonious, sanctuary-like homes that feel polished and refined. I love to let my clients’ passions and interests dictate the emotion and feel of the home. Ultimately, designing homes that progress over time and reflect my clients’ ever-evolving lifestyles. " – Mary Gillam


If you have any questions or would love to connect with Mary she can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 703-283-0625.

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