Global Citizen Club Introduces New Website

2022-05-19 21:33:04 - New York City, United States - (PR Distribution™)

We’re always looking at ways to elevate the experience for our members, starting with our website.

After spending months working on this, we’re extremely delighted to announce that our website just received a makeover, and it’s much better than before! Check it out:

Our Club serves as a launchpad for premium brands to access Web3, bridging the gap between the real world and the NFT space. With the endless opportunities in Web3, we’re partnering with more luxury brands to increase their exposure within the NFT space and simultaneously elevate the experience for our holders.  

We’re confident that our well-integrated platform will ease the Web3 journey for many businesses, helping them to also make easy alliances with other brands in the future.  

Beyond the interface-lift, our website comes with swanky surprises, which we’ll elaborate in further detail below. Our goal for this major revamp is to provide a smoother user experience for visitors and all-new membership features for GCC holders, along with a variety of other changes that will hopefully enhance your journey on our site.

Now, GCC holders can access the members portal, where they can view their GCC $MILE, transactions and redeem rewards via our freshly installed webstore. Let’s have a closer look at the updates:


Say hello to a clean, classy look. Our web design got an upgrade, and we’re loving this style. It’s minimalist, sophisticated and timeless – elements that align very well with our Club’s posture in luxury and elegance.

Member Portal

Calling all GCC holders! We’ve designed a special portal within the site just for you. If you own a GCC Citizen (NFT), you can manage and access your Citizens, $MILE and activities with ease. Check your membership tier, earn weekly $MILE per Citizen, update your profile and view your transactions – all in one place.


Another new feature that we’ve added is the Webstore. We’ll be updating this section regularly as we bring in more partners, which naturally means more ongoing rewards and benefits for our holders.

Our Webstore acts as an e-catalogue, where you can browse and redeem the latest rewards using GCC $MILE.  

Membership Tiers

Refer to the GCC $MILE earning system to understand how many $MILE you’ll automatically be getting on a weekly basis. Your membership tier is influenced by the number of Citizens you have. The $MILE will be added to your account each week.


Welcome to the official GCC gallery, which currently houses all 8,888 of our genesis Gentlemen Edition NFTs. Toggle the filters on the left menu to search for a particular piece, or simply key in the serial number in the search bar for easy navigation. You’ll also be able to check the rarity of an NFT.  


We’ve also added a section to organize all the latest announcements involving GCC’s progress as a Club, along with official partnerships with celebrities and brands.  

Upgraded Roadmap

Upon looking at our previous roadmap, our team decided that we wanted to take it up a notch and further boost the overall journey of each GCC holder and brand partner/celebrity, so we made a few adjustments. We hope you’ll like our newly improved roadmap for the Club.

Brand Partnerships

This is another new feature that is essential to our Club. As a luxury Club, we want to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, and this applies to both GCC holders and potential partners.

This section opens up the door to more international elite brands, celebrities and artists to reach out and partner with us, so we can be that launchpad to help them expand their exposure in Web3.  

Each brand brings something fresh and unique to the Club. Teaming up with more brands would enable our holders to enjoy a wider variety of rewards and experiences – which supports our vision and mission.

GCC Alliances

Apart from brand partnerships, we’re currently working on integrating a niche feature for luxury brands to connect with each other within the Club. We aim to provide premium brands an easier transition from Web2 into Web3, so they can also build relationships with a wide range of elite businesses around the world – all through GCC’s extensive and exclusive network.  

And that wraps up all the major updates on our new website! We hope our refreshed interface and new features will create a better experience for everyone.

For more information on GCC, check out our Discord and social profiles:





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