Global e-dentity™ received its first U.S. patent only 292 days after filing and also closed its first investment round

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - WILMINGTON, DE - (PR Distribution™)

USPTO granted patent number 10,135,822 (“Biometric Authentication of Individuals Utilizing Subcutaneous Biometrics”) to Global e-dentity™ today. The patent recognizes the revolutionary potential of this form of highly accurate, secure, and reliable multi-model digital identification. Simultaneously, Global e-dentity™ secured its first round of funding from a Washington, D.C. entity.

“It is a game changer. Our technology is leaps ahead of older and less reliable systems like fingerprints, retina scans, and facial recognition currently being used by other companies. Furthermore, using our multi-factor identification it can be built into glasses or such like those from Facebook, Google and Apple” said Global e-dentity™ founder Robert Adams.

Using an individual’s unique internal or subcutaneous vascular patterns and features of the surface bone structure, Universal ID (U.I.D. ™) promises far more accurate and reliable identification than other applications currently in use. The non-invasive multi-model biometrics system uses a combination of ultrasound and near infrared red (NIR) spectrum. It includes two proof of life features--“heartbeat and blood flow”--to ensure a subject being presented is alive. Fast and accurate personal identification means you now do not need to carry anything except what you were born with in order to prove who you are.

Because U.I.D. ™ is always internally within a person since birth—and our proprietary AI software updates a person’s characteristics within the database as they grow and change—U.I.D. ™ can never be forgotten, accidentally left behind, or copied. Its unique features also protect personal privacy and make identity theft nearly impossible, using our own AI machine learning for a secure authentication solution that uses both blockchain and military grade encryption and does away with old unreliable plastic ID cards, credit cards, or passports: only you can unlock your data or credit info with your own biometrics to make the data live. Your biometrics will not only unlock your phone and enable you to access your data; it will quickly get you through airport security and allow you to make purchases and access bank accounts without the need for facial recognition, old-fashioned documents like passports, fingerprints or passwords.

“We have finalized phase III of our proof of concept. The design continues to evolve; we have a nice roadmap of technology improvements for the coming years. Now that the patent has been issued, we will begin initiating partnerships because of the overwhelming demand for U.I.D.™ from countries and manufacturers around the world. Our biggest challenge,” Adams continued, “is discovering all the potential uses for this method and our technology.”

Global e-dentity™ is a new but rapidly moving leader in the field of multimodal biometrics to increase the accuracy of authentication of digital identity in today’s world.

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Global e-dentity™, the Company is a young company providing secure multi-factor biometric and digital identity solutions. For more information, visit Global e·dentity™ and product are either registered trademarks or trademarks of You are the ID ™ LLC in the United States and/or other countries.

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