GO2SLEEP Home Sleep Test Device

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The Go2Sleep Home Sleep Test is a revolutionary device on monitoring and improving your sleep quality. It elevates comfort while maintaining almost the same detecting accuracy of a pulse oximeter, but with a lot more key information. The precise data gathered would then help generate a comprehensive sleep report, just for you. Based on the data, the smart App would come up with personal tips and recommendations for you on how to improve your sleep quality. By synchronizing with our smart App, you can conveniently keep an eye of the sleep quality of yourself and your family. 

A Comprehensive Sleep Report Just for You

Our App keeps track of your sleep quality every night, which covers all essential sleep and health data, including your sleep stages, heart rate, breath disorder index, body movements, sleep debt, and more importantly, health tips tailored for you. 

SNORING, What is it and why would I snore?

Snoring is a common condition which occurs when the flow of air through the mouth and nose is physically obstructed, when it gets serious, it is called sleep breath disorder. 

Habitual snoring impairs sleep quality and is often associated with other diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity as well as cardiovascular diseases, and it increases the chance of having depression and even dementia.

Breath disorder index screening & sleep breath disorder alert 

Go2Sleep offers professional sleep breath disorder monitoring and detection, real-time analyses of your sleep quality and accurate detection of breath disorder index.

You and Your Loved Ones All in the App

Synchronize your Go2Sleep device with the App via Bluetooth, search your family member by their ID and set them as a family so you can track all the key data of yourself and your loved ones, wherever they are.


More accurate data gathered from your finger, where more abundant capillaries are found.

The vibration alert increases the chance of you unconsciously switching your sleeping position, diminishing the probability of sleep apnea.

An accurate comprehensive report would be generated by the time you wake up, with tips and recommendations tailored for you.  You can synchronize the device with your smartphones using Bluetooth, and connect your account with your loved ones’ to track their sleep quality, regardless of where they are.

Ultra-compact size and weight make it barely noticeable to wear on your finger, comfort guaranteed.


Purchase from Indiegogo directly: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/go2sleep-ai-powered-device-for-restful-sleep/x/16111493#/

What You Get in the Package

1x Go2Sleep Home Sleep Test

3x Silicone Ring Holder of various sizes

1x USB cable

1x Charger

1x Use Instructions & Warranty

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