Goldilock Applies Remote Air gap Management to KYC/AML, Adds Neil Young to Advisory Team

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - SAN FRANCISCO - (PR Distribution™)

Goldilock, the worldwide leader in Remote Automated Airgap Security (RAAS), further enhanced its breadth of knowledge and delivery capabilities in relation to the secure transfer and storage of sensitive customer data pertaining to KYC and AML/CFT regulations, appointing Neil Young to its Advisory Team. 

The founder of his own consultancy business (Hillcrest Pragmatic), Neil’s background in KYC, anti-money laundering (AML) and the management of sensitive customer data spans over a decade, during which time he has led dramatic changes in the industry. 

Neil commented: “I’m delighted to join the Goldilock team, as the revolutionary tech they’ve brought to market takes client data security to a position previously unattainable, balancing that with immediate accessibility from anywhere using offline trigger mechanisms. Solving complex and often paradoxical issues where regulations demand security and consumer protections to shield consumers from exposure driven by gaps in technology and unsafe practices by businesses is absolutely central to my own business. Goldilock is addressing and simplifying these issues with a very effective, innovative approach.”

“We’ve seen a significant rise in the need and requirements for anti money laundering controls such as Know Your Customer or “KYC” in the last 20 years, but unfortunately, technology geared towards meeting these challenges has been unable to keep pace with the efforts of those that seek to undermine industry’s efforts to provide a safer environment for consumers. In the last year alone we’ve seen breaches of previously unseen scales that have gone so far as to put the passports of millions of people, along with other sensitive data in the hands of criminals who may use them as they please.”

“The pain and cost of these problems is simply becoming too much for consumers and businesses alike. It’s important to remember that if the consumer refuses to provide their all-important data, we simply cannot manage the growing risks related to money laundering and terrorist financing. This core issue has the potential to prevent us from doing business with our customers and shatter some industries.”

“Goldilock is overcoming these challenges by fundamentally changing the way we manage and control data either at rest or in use. By removing all physical connections to data, it’s simply not visible or accessible to any attack vector. In certain configurations, Goldilock can provide the ability for a business to completely remove themselves from handling the data at all, while still making it accessible to them at a moment’s notice. Consumers are asking questions and demanding greater security regarding the processing and storage of their most sensitive personal data and Goldilock is providing businesses with an opportunity to meet that demand.“

Goldilock enables secure, physically disconnected storage of sensitive information such as KYC identification documentation, passwords, bank account and credit card information, HSM/Network key management, cryptocurrency keys, and private contracts. The Goldilock platform allows authorized users to securely approve sharing of their data and can act as an approval mechanism and escrow for transactions between multiple parties.

Jarrod Epps, Co-Founder and CEO of Goldilock said: “Having worked with Neil on projects previously and knowing the work he does in the areas of AML/CFT and Customer Security made him a perfect fit for our Advisory Team. Neil’s experience, knowledge and practical skills regarding technical implementations that are supported by compliant policies and guidance strengthens our commitment to provide our customers with highly efficient and bespoke solutions.“

“Regulations that demand high standards of due diligence and KYC are penetrating into more industries at a rapid rate, and the requirements to complete KYC are leading to more sensitive data being required from consumers. Neil’s background in KYC, AML/CFT, Customer Security and Data Protection are a great combination that will ensure the Goldilock product can continue to lead the drive for safer and more compliant business practices.” 

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