Gordon "Grant" Curtis keynotes for CI Investments, SFO in Monaco June 27-29 2022

2022-06-19 19:00:00 - Campione D' Italia, Switzerland - (PR Distribution™)

Sir Anthony Ritossa's Global Family Office Summit, Monaco, June 27-29th 2022

Mr. Gordon “Grant” Curtis, Executive Director and CIO is pleased to announce the attendance of CI Investments, SFO, at the upcoming Global Family Office Summit in Monaco hosted by Sir Anthony Ritossa, under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. 

As a keynote expert on several financial “insight” topics, Mr. Curtis will share some of the highlights of CI Investments' strategies that have recently led to stellar returns for specific verticals in the Family Office Portfolio, as well as some of the challenging aspects of the recent markets.  “As a long-standing admirer of CI Investments, I consider Gordon Curtis to be one of the world’s leading family office investors. His strategies have succeeded in growing and preserving his family office’s wealth and I appreciate his willingness to share his thought leading ideas with the family offices and private investors at the Monaco Summit,” commented Sir Anthony Ritossa.

In private discussions, Sir Anthony and Mr. Curtis have recognized the ongoing challenges of connecting investors with good financial opportunities and insight. This would include more recent responses to an overdue correction in the general mainstream markets.  As the savvy investors Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger position themselves for deal hunting opportunities, so too are the Ritossa Family Office and CI Investments, SFO organizations.

“Predicting market direction is often a crap shoot. Many experts, far smarter than myself, have fallen short in recognizing obvious signs to change directions.  At CI Investments, we seek to be nimble and be able to pivot as needed when market conditions change.  In over 43 years of financial experience, I've found that the market tends to have a short memory including many professionals who offer advice to their clients.  The ability to move quickly but responsively, along with an element of luck, can result in significant rewards.”

A rewarding experience is to attend Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Family Office Summits as they are a favorite epicenter for CI Investments to meet with other high net worth individuals and family offices to exchange strategies and ideas, as well as network for new and traditional financial opportunities.  There is no better host and certainly no better venue.

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