Greytrix Launches Next Gen Apps for Sage Intacct - Checkbook.io Digital Checks and Sales Commission Module

2020-09-24 13:00:00 - United States, California, San Francisco - (PR Distribution™)

Greytrix, a champion Sage Development Partner recently announced that its seamlessly integrated cloud apps for Sage Intacct, “Checkbook integration” and “Sales Commission” are also available on Sage Intacct Marketplace.

The Checkbook integration is released with advanced features to simplify digital check payments. It is a “One Click and One Stop Solution for Automated Digital Check Payments” which can eliminate the hassles of paper checks. The integration enables Sage Intacct users to track, assimilate the payment information and automate triggering of updates for the payment status thus, leveraging businesses to accelerate and simplify the process of sending digital checks with automatic updates to Sage Intacct. Moreover, the ACH payments are processed fast with rapid verification and remittance information is automatically mailed to the vendor. With features so compelling, the integration is bound to deliver a seamless user experience with real-time reconciliations, easy tracking of payments, quick clearances and utmost security.

PJ Gupta, CEO Checkbook, quotes, ”According to the Federal Reserve Payments Report of 2018, there were more than 15 Billion paper checks sent within the US. In this day and age, no business, enterprise or individual should be cutting a paper check. The partnership with Greytrix has been a boon as the integration utilizes your original check payment from within the Sage system and payments are made from the Accounts Payable workflow and the general ledger entries are automatically updated.”

Just like the unique features of Checkbook, the Sales Commission app developed by Greytrix completely and seamlessly automates complicated commission calculations within Sage Intacct. The Native application built using Sage Intacct SDK and platform services simplifies setting up commission rules on multiple criteria like achievement of targets, acquiring new customers, profit margin and complicated calculations, factors on which every company struggles on at the end of each month. It automates commission calculations on sales transactions and accurately calculates and posts timely commission payments to sales representatives. The application provides flexibility like restricting commission payments on paid invoices and posting of payments on desired GL accounts which can be tracked through standard reports of Sage Intacct intuitive UI.

Kumar Siddhartha, CEO Greytrix confidently states, ”Greytrix, has been in forefront of integration and app development for Sage products and both our cloud app launches this season have been to bring about a revolution in the way organizations make payments, be it in the form of vendor payments or Commission payments to sales representatives within Sage Intacct, #1 rated cloud accounting and financial management solution! Checkbook and Sage Intacct integration has redefined automated payments. While on the other hand, Sales Commission has given businesses flexibility in setting up the complex commission structure to suit business requirements providing better control due to its native nature. I would like to thank my team for their continual and dedicated efforts to bring about the launches and we are looking forward to more such Sage Intacct app releases soon.”

Greytrix is the #1 global leader in the development of integrations for Sage products and a one-stop solution provider of several Sage solutions, notably: Sage 100 (US), Sage X3, Sage 300 and Sage Intacct. To aid seamless customer experience Greytrix constantly develops apps, products and addons some of which can be listed as Sales Commission, AR Lockbox File Processing and CRM integration. The Sage Intacct integrations with Sage CRM | Checkbook and Sales Commission App are listed on Sage Intacct Marketplace. Businesses can also design and implement the functionality of diverse software systems by quick integrations through GUMU™ cloud, a platform which forms the backbone of cloud integrations that are managed in real-time for processing and execution of application programs.

For more information on Greytrix visit www.greytrix.com and for more information on Checkbook visit checkbook.io

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