Gubbi’s Kannada Rap Adds a Beat to Karnataka Rajyotsava

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  India, Karnataka, Bengaluru - 11/02/2019 (

Indian rap or desi rap has come a long way from the days of Baba Sehgal’s blockbuster hit “Thanda Thanda Pani” in the 90s. Vernacular rap, a genre that touches hearts and captivates quickly, is the flavour of the season. Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, and Kannada rap have happily come of age. 

Lately, Gubbi, also known as Kartik Sundar Gubbi, the multilingual rapper and social media sensation has become a name to reckon with. He stole hearts at Gopalan Mall, Sirsi Circle, Bengaluru this Friday with his funky Kannada rap. The 250 strong crowd was in for a hugely pleasant surprise. 

His repertoire for the evening ranged from the soulful “Amma”-an ode to all mothers to the foot-tapping “Giligili Gillak” and “Baala Bangara. He and his co-singer Manoj got the shoppers at the mall totally involved and singing along to numbers like  “I’m in love on a beautiful day” and “Yelli Maga Gubbi”!! To highlight the sobriety of the occasion, he served as dessert, a tribute to one of the most popular icons of Karnataka, Dr Rajkumar. 

To mark the 62nd Karanataka Rajyotsava on 1st Nov 2019, Bengaluru hosted several events that highlighted the significance of the date. All Kannada speaking areas of the country were consolidated to make the state of Karnataka in 1956.

Every year, the six Gopalan Malls across Bengaluru celebrate Karnataka Rajyotsava by showcasing local flavours through dance, art, poetry, song, and food. These events aim to reflect the pride Kannadigas feel about their culture and roots.

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