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  Japan, Tokyo - 04/18/2019 (PRDistribution.com)

Pour water, wait, and switch on

No need of preinfusion or special technique

HARIO launches a coffee dripper with a new feel

Immersion Dripper SWITCH


In spring of 2019 a new coffee dripper, SWITCH, was released by HARIO.


The brewing method can change the taste, aroma, and strength of coffee, even when it’s brewed from the same beans. There are roughly two methods to brew coffee. One is to percolate the coffee grounds with a device like theV60. In this method, hot water is poured over the grounds a few times at regular intervals. The other method, the French press orsyphon method, immerses the coffee grounds for a certain time in hot water before the grounds and coffee are separated.


The SWITCH is easy to use. Place a paper filter in the dripper, pour water over the coffee grounds, and wait for about two minutes. Then, press the switch, and the brewed coffee runs down. One appealing feature of the SWITCH is the ease with which it is possible to customize the brewing conditions. Simply vary the size of grounds and brewing time to your taste.


The SWITCH offers the rich flavor of the French press and the clear taste of paper drip brewing, giving you the best of both brewing methods in one dripper.


The SWITCH makes it easy for everyone to brew coffee anytime under the same brewing conditions, making it fun and easy to compare the flavors of different coffee beans.


With the SWITCH, HARIO will acquaint many customers with the fun of pour-over, making the excellent taste of pour-over coffee widely known. 


Media Contacts:

person_outline  Full Name:MARI TSUJIMOTO
phone  Phone Number:N/A
business_center  Company:HARIO CO., LTD.
language  Website:hario.jp
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