Harmony Place Offering Help During Unemployment and Depression High

2020-06-17 11:52:39 - - (PR Distribution™)

COVID-19 has put the whole economy of the United States upside down as CNBC reported that the U.S had lost more than 36 million jobs since March 2020. In only eight weeks, every city of this country is on the verge of mental breakdown. Depression is real, yet it is treatable. If you are suffering due to Coronavirus, then you are not alone, many people are experiencing the same. Join the support group online, discuss your problem on the forum or get Help from the expert of Harmony Place Monterey under the expert consultation of Harmony Place Mark Schwartz. You don't have to hold yourself back and dive deep into your depression phase; the current situation is the worst-case scenario and a nightmare that everyone wants to get out of, so don't hesitate to get the Help when needed.

Depression Pandemic is the Next Outcome of Coronavirus

Every country on earth has seen Coronavirus's negative impact in the form of the business shutdown and economic recession. People have lost their jobs; they are locked down inside their homes. They have a sense of fear 24/7 with them; they know that something terrible will come. Uncertainty level is rising day by day, especially given the current situation when there is a war between Black and White people in America is at its peak. In this economic breakdown situation, it's quite hard for an ordinary person to maintain his sense and remain sane.

Depression is Real for Unemployed People

According to Scientists and medical specialists, the US is going to face another problem in the form of a depression pandemic. The intense fear of death, financial instability, unemployment, and high uncertainty is what contributes to devastating mental health. The impact of Coronavirus lockdown is equal for white-collar and blue-collar jobs. Whether you own a big company or a small one, you face the severe consequences of this global pandemic. In that troublesome time, people are becoming anxious. Anxiety level is on the rise not only in adults but also in children who are unable to leave their houses and play with other kids. People who have lost their jobs trying to find some work from home, but not everyone is fortunate. Time is flying, and they don't know what the future holds for them. This level of uncertainty, making them mentally sick.

Depression is  also Impacting Life of Employed People

The fact is that depression is not on the rise among unemployed people, but employed people are facing the same. Their work life isn't the same. They need to maintain the proper distance from their colleagues. Hearing news of death due to Coronavirus increasing their anxiety level, they are becoming over conscious about their office environment. For keeping their office clean and hygienic, some people spend an hour disinfecting the whole area, which is what they have to do every day. Even they are showing up for the job; they don't know how long it will stay that way. Many people are forced to work on half-pay. All those factors become a cause of mental instability, frustration, negativity, and depression.

Don't Suffer Alone, Get Help from Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place 

No matter what is causing your depression, there is always a way out. You don't have to face the dark phases of your life. Look around; you are not alone. Your neighbors are facing the same issues. The impact of the pandemic is global. So, instead of feeling bad about your life and surrounding yourself with negative thoughts, you should ask for Help from Harmony Place Monterey. Expert Psychologists of this place are offering you a helping hand in this time of distress. Pick up your phone and make a call to 831-747-1727. Plan a session where you can share all your fears and concerns at Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz. Expert physicians will listen to all your problems and provide you the most effective treatment through which you can get back to your healthy lifestyle.

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