Hartmann Industries Launches No-Code Platform EUROPA to Accelerate Business ERP Development

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  United States, California, Anaheim - 05/22/2019 (PRDistribution.com)

Today, Hartmann Industries, LLC. launches its latest product, EUROPA: ERP Universal Operating Application, a new no-code platform that allows business owners to visually build their own software with the use of an engaging interface. This new application is especially advantageous for constructing Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (ERP) and business-focused applications, and through the utilization of EUROPA, organizations can reduce the cost of ERP development by millions. As EUROPA is a web-based program accessible through any device, no additional investment in hardware or IT systems are necessary, allowing businesses to lower their overall IT expenditures.

A key feature of EUROPA is its drag-and-drop builder tool, which allows business owners to use a variety of elements to create their apps, including components such as number fields, text boxes, date fields, check-boxes, and signature fields. Using this unique feature, companies have the opportunity for faster, easier, and lower-cost changes to apps as business processes change over time. EUROPA also has the ability to automatically generate QR and barcodes, and supports numerous styles of tables, charts, kanban boards, and maps for displaying data on dashboards and in apps.

Hartmann Industries, LLC. embodies the essence of business efficiency and problem solving. With extensive experience in developing interactive corporate websites that integrate with organizations’ internal systems; app development services that bring businesses' apps and processes to the mobile market; e-commerce solutions that help them get started online and developing their brand; UI design that creates original, attractive interfaces for any application; web and DNS hosting with scalable infrastructure in global data centers; and the architecture and development of text, email, and voice communication systems, Hartmann Industries, LLC. has been an elaborate contributor to businesses working towards optimizing their existing workflows and introducing new forms of automation and analytics to power their business.

Hartmann Industries, LLC. and its subsidiaries offer worldwide business solutions. With their workforce extending across North America, Asia, and Europe, they design proven methods to implement effective solutions to all business problems. Working closely with company owners, managers, and employees, they identify bottlenecks that are hindering company growth and offer end-to-end services to resolve those bottlenecks and improve the effectiveness of their company processes. Through integrated systems and dedicated teams, Hartmann Industries, LLC. is able to provide a wide variety of deliverables to multiple industries throughout the world and continues to invest in their software solutions and company services to be a market leader in providing business solutions.

Today, they support both startups and well-established organizations with their newest innovation. The no-code platform EUROPA will help businesses save money versus traditional software and ERP development, and through automation further reduce costs in business inefficiencies and payroll.

For more information, please contact +1 (732) 831-7269, email [email protected], or visit the Hartmann Industries, LLC. website at https://hartmannindustries.com or EUROPA website at https://europaerp.com

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