Healthcare team launches GoodHospitalBadHospital.com to show quality scores of hospitals across USA

2022-02-08 17:00:00 - Lewisville, Texas - (PR Distribution™)

A team of healthcare professionals have come together to revolutionize transparency in healthcare, starting with hospitals. 

Through their recently launched website: GoodHospitalBadHospital.com, healthcare providers, professionals, and the public can review the quality scores of hospitals in their area for free as patients or prior to applying for work as a service provider/professional.

Speaking during the launch of the website, co-founder Chad Erickson said they wanted to start with hospitals because the information is so critical to patients, and often an afterthought.  

“Doctors are definitely the front line, but hospitals are where the rubber meets the road.  We have a great healthcare system in America, and with GoodHospitalBadHospital.com we are striving to highlight the high-performing hospitals not only for patients but also for the hardworking staff as well.  If you are a driven high performing nurse, tech, or physician, you want to be at a hospital that best fits you. It was not enough to make our website free, we demanded it be easy for everyone to use,” said Chad. 

All data is obtained from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, National Institute of Health, Center for Disease Control, and State Governments. It’s verified for validity before being added to the system and presented in a more user-friendly format. 

To view the hospital near you, all that one needs to do is to visit the website and click the “Start your search now” button in the middle of the screen.  Users can also type the name of the hospital or hospitals within their community to review their scores, along with searches by zip code. 

Hospitals can also enhance their impact through premium subscriptions, which allows uploading videos, home page back linking, and photos thereby dramatically improving the hospital’s online presence, patient traffic, and Google score improvement opportunities.  

“Communities need and deserve access to quality care.  Our mission is to help make that a reality.  Today, we start a transparency revolution in America’s healthcare.” Said Co-Founder Chad Erickson- 

Learn more at: www.goodhospitalbadhospital.com   

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