Heinous Crimes Committed Against Thaar Al-Taiey and His Family Over the Years by Several Countries

2021-01-04 19:39:15 - Baghdad, Iraq - (PR Distribution™)

Life is the most precious gift to man, but many don't get to enjoy their lives to the fullest due to assaults and other forms of infringements on their rights by higher powers. The same is the case of Thaar Al-Taiey , an Iraqi from Baghdad who has been assaulted severally by several countries.

The interconnected series of crimes against Thaar Al-Taiey and his family started as far back as 1999 when several attempts to force him to betray his country and waive his rights alongside several attempts to assassinate him alongside multiple attacks on his family members, which resulted in the death of a number of his family including his sister in August 2011.

The heinous crimes that have been perpetrated against Thaar Al-Taiey and his family are stark crimes against humanity. These include; war crimes, genocide, betrayal, cessation of his Iraqi engagement family and failure of his first marriage with Iraqi doctor girl in August 1999 by the Jordan Intelligence on the orders from Britain as well as the abrupt collapse of his second marriage attempt with a Russian journalist, Anna Knishenko , on December 2019 due to lots of concessions and international gifts (ex: a contract of $ 45 billion for gas fields in Iraq and investments of $ 10 billion from the State of Qatar) received by Russia to ensure the engagement fail and to cover up the crimes of these countries against Thaar AL_Taiey and his family.

The assaults have continued even though his case has been in several publications by the US President, Donald Trump, in the American elections on Sept 4, 2020. Moreover, Thaar Al-Taiey’s case’s illegal exploitation was used to frustrate Trump’s presidential ambition for a second tenure.

Against Thaar Al-Taiey’s knowledge, his case was used to trigger lots of pressure on Britain, Germany, and other countries to issue a Security Council Resolution on August 14, 2020. And this led to a colossal failure for Donald Trump in that it was only the US and the Dominicans who voted together since an Iraqi court had already responded illegally through a cassation request for a lawsuit filed on several countries that infringed his rights on Aug 9, 2020.

Through it all, however, President Trump and his administration continued to expose the crimes committed against Thaar Al-Taiey through the media with so many publications, with the first reaching his social media channels on Sept 26, 2020.

When President Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, a change order of his work was issued from Thaar's workplace on Oct 1, 2020. The committee’s membership that his workdays should be increased by 50% to 90% despite the coronavirus pandemic. The order to increase his work rate was from Britain, Iran, and the Iraqi government’s participation. And they made sure the new work was completely different from his area of specialization.

To think the inhumane treatment towards Thaar Al-Taiey was already more than enough, the Iraqi was once again physically assaulted on Sept 30, 2020. And in subsequent days, different criminals attacked him, leaving him bruised on his hands to prevent him from writing and resisting criminals. As a result of this, he sent shreds of evidence of this fresh assault to the International Criminal Court, ICC, on Nov 15, 2020.

Between Oct 19, 2020, and Dec 7, 2020, Thaar Al-Taiey has experienced many inhumane attacks and bullying both physically outside his workplace and online. For instance, the electricity and internet connections were intentionally ceased from a house where he was hosted on Oct 19, 2020, by criminals who desired to interfere with the investigation going on at the International Criminal Court, ICC.

Similarly, his Facebook account was blocked for three days on Oct 29, 2020, and later blocked for almost a month on Nov 22, 2020. He was also registered absent from work for four days and for the first time in his 24 years working period, although a fingerprint report and camera reports prove that he was on an official working time at his workplace on the said days.

In the past 20 years of all kinds of criminal acts perpetrated against Thaar Al-Taiey, the criminals on Nov 30, 2020, have retreated once in a humiliating manner with utter failure, by removing the four days absent, although without making any concessions or accepting any bargain. And this victory is attributed to the magnanimity and generosity, of President Trump, his family and Mrs. Kayleigh McEnany.

In Thaar Al-Taiey’s words:

"A thousand thanks, gratitude, and appreciation to President Trump, his generous family Melania Trump , DonaldJTrumpJr , IvankaTrumpEric Trump , LaraLeaTrump , and Mrs. Kayleigh McEnany for achieving this great victory for me. May the God grant you sound health, wellness, and success. And may God Almighty protect America and her people from any harm and remove difficulties from America. God bless America!”



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