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December 19, 2019 
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Experience is key in any industry, especially in the construction business. Hellas Construction has over 1,000 full-time employees including three who were recognized recently for their accomplishments as certified construction builders. Growth has been unprecedented at Hellas this past year and that starts with employees who want to make a difference daily. 


Hellas Superintendent Bryan Judd joined Hellas Vice President of Design Tianna Flores as one of only two triple-certified current Hellas employees in the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA). Judd became an ASBA-Certified Tennis Court Builder in December of 2019. “I’ve wanted a gauge of where I was in the industry,” Judd said. “Now that I have the construction builder experience, I was able to complete the certified testing in track initially, then field construction, followed by tennis this year.”


The significance of being triple-certified in track, field, and tennis is especially rewarding for Judd who joined Hellas in 2008 before spending two years recovering from brain surgery to remove a tumor. Judd has a whole new perspective on life following his return to Hellas in March of 2012.  “Hellas President and CEO Reed Seaton was kind enough to give me another opportunity at Hellas in a time when I felt like I had more to give in the construction business,” Judd said. “You want to be the best at what you do. Following the surgery, I realized that I had more to offer,” Judd added. As one of the on-site construction leaders at Hellas, Judd’s amazing story of perseverance inspires many people.


Mario Albini, Vice President of Design-Build Operations, added a Certified Field Builder-Synthetic to his Tennis Court Builder Certification. Albini, who has a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Chico State in California, has been working at Hellas since November of 2012. “Before you can get certified, you have to have experience based on a point system, which consists of a large list of completed projects,” Albini says. Albini has become a leader in the field of design-build construction, which sets Hellas apart from its competitors. 


Tianna Flores, Vice President of Design-Build for Hellas Construction, became the first woman in the industry holding all three certifications for Synthetic-Field, Track, and Tennis Court Building a year ago. Flores has been with Hellas since 2010. Flores earned a BS in Industrial and Construction Technology from Texas State University in San Marcos, while working full time at Hellas.


The ASBA certification programs were developed to help raise professional standards and to improve the practice of sports construction. ASBA assists the general public in evaluating experience, expertise and knowledge in the construction industry. The certification requires a four-hour comprehensive exam on construction, surfacing, design, administration, and renovation. 


Reflecting on these new certifications, Reed Seaton, Hellas Construction’s President and CEO said, “These certifications exemplify how hard-working and talented Hellas team members continually raise the bar for themselves, for this company, and most importantly for our clients. It’s an accomplishment that all ASBA-Certified Hellas employees should take pride in.”


Hellas Construction, Inc. headquartered in Austin, TX, is the largest vertically-integrated sports construction contractor in the United States, specializing in the general construction of sports facilities and sports surfaces. Hellas champions innovative synthetic turf manufacturing, base construction, field, track and tennis planning, along with installation and maintenance. hellasconstruction.com 


ASBA: American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) is a non-profit association helping designers, builders, owners, operators and users understand quality sports facility construction. The ASBA sponsors informative meetings and publishes newsletters, books and technical construction guidelines for athletic facilities. sportsbuilders.org 

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