HellaStorm Selected to Provide Accelerated Content Delivery in Samsung SmartSSD™ Drive Collaboration

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - United States, San Jose, CA - (PR Distribution™)

Hellastorm, an Atlanta-based software company, announced today that it has begun a long-term technology-enhancing collaboration with Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. to create highly-efficient content delivery solutions based on Samsung’s SmartSSD™ computational storage drives.


Each Samsung SmartSSD NVMe drive includes an integrated Xilinx Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), which will apply massively-parallel processing power to the data stored inside the SSD. This technology collaboration brings HellaStorm’s data-centric approach to the SmartSSD drives, sharply accelerating edge, data center and enterprise workflows.


“Samsung offers the SmartSSD computational storage drive to partners looking to bring an unprecedented level of scale and performance to media and data servers in data centers and at the edge,” said Daniel Lee, senior vice president and technology officer, Samsung Semiconductor. “To facilitate this process, we have selected content delivery innovator HellaStorm as our SmartSSD drive partner for media delivery.”


With HellaStorm software, creating a cutting-edge cloud storage instance is virtually instantaneous when installing Samsung SmartSSD drives. Software containers and virtual machines can communicate with this architecture using industry-standard Amazon S3 or Azure Storage interfaces immediately, without additional configuration or tuning. A HellaStorm hardware-accelerated object store allows random read access at the full speed of the SmartSSD.


The use of Samsung SmartSSD drives, programmed with HellaStorm acceleration services, implements Direct2Edge (www.direct2edge.com) live video streaming, lowering typical live streaming latency by approximately 80 percent, and will simplify the scaling of content delivery infrastructure by as much as 40 percent. Direct2Edge is a technology that combines Streaming Global’s (www.streamingglobal.com) patent-pending streaming delivery technology and HellaStorm’s patented hardware-accelerated cloud services. Direct2Edge provides unequalled scalability, extremely high sustained throughput and a low Total Cost of Ownership for streaming service providers who require extremely low latency. 


Samsung’s partnership with HellaStorm will enhance the performance and capabilities of Direct2Edge live streaming using only standard network infrastructure without the need for special or custom delivery protocols.


Brent Yates, CTO of HellaStorm added, “There is no better, simpler or more cost-efficient way to scale content delivery workflows than to insert Samsung SmartSSD drives programmed with HellaStorm’s accelerated cloud services into almost any video streaming infrastructure.”


About HellaStorm:

HellaStorm, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a software company using programmable hardware (FPGAs) to increase the performance of data-bound applications on standard datacenter, edge, and enterprise infrastructure. HellaStorm’s technology accelerates data-centric workflows, offloading data-moving and networking tasks from CPUs. 



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