Help Your Diabetes Urges Post-Menopausal Type 2 Diabetic Women to Reverse Their Diabetes To Avoid Sleep Disturbances

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  United States, Texas, Grapevine - 09/17/2019

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that wreaks havoc on the entire human body. However, men and women respond differently to the condition. A recent study published in the journal of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) revealed that women with diabetes are at greater risk for sleep disturbances.

The study revealed that the mean total of sleep-related symptoms was significantly higher in Type 2 Diabetics than non-diabetics, and it was particularly pronounced in Asian women. 

“Getting proper sleep is extremely important for overall health and wellness. Lack of proper sleep can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure & stroke. Type 2 Diabetes is the leading cause of these conditions, so putting improper sleep on top of it just makes it all the more dangerous” says Help Your Diabetes® CEO Dr. J. Murray Hockings.

Unfortunately, not only do Type 2 Diabetes medications not prevent major health complications like amputation, blindness, heart disease, kidney disease & stoke – they also don’t prevent sleep loss. In fact, Type 2 Diabetics often take multiple medications for diabetes and other conditions, which could contribute to the lack of proper sleep.

“All medications have side effects. Type 2 Diabetes often take multiple medications for a myriad of conditions. Put that on top of menopause symptoms, and you have a recipe for improper sleep.” says Dr. Hockings. “The good news is, when diabetes is reversed, we not only see our patients get off their diabetes medications, we often see them get off many of their other medications, if not all of them.” 

Diabetes reversal is achieved when a Type 2 Diabetic can keep their A1C levels below 6.0 naturally, without the use of medications. When blood sugar lowers, a diabetic’s patient’s doctor will ween them off the diabetes medication, eventually stopping it altogether. When a patient is able to keep their A1C level under 6.0 without medications, they are considered clinically non-diabetic. When a patient is clinically non-diabetic, their risk of major complications like amputation, blindness, heart disease, kidney disease & stoke is greatly reduced or eliminated.

The Help Your Diabetes® program helps Type 2 Diabetics reverse their diabetes and get off their medications. “We have seen incredible transformations in our patients, including menopausal women. If you’re struggling with lack of sleep due to menopause and Type 2 Diabetes, reversing your diabetes is your best hope for getting your sleep, your health, and your life back on track” says Dr. Hockings. 

For more information on how Help Your Diabetes® Type 2 Diabetes reversal program, go to or call 1-800-321-9054.

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