Here Is Why You Actually Need An NCWC Inc. Auto Service Warranty

2019-12-23 12:09:07 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

When buying an old or new car, you may not be sure whether to get an auto service warranty or not. This contract is also referred to as an extended warranty. While it is a good idea, the buyer should first determine whether or not it makes sense. Sometimes, it can overlap with the existing warranty by the car manufacturer. It should also be noted that the coverage of a vehicle service contract varies significantly. Some car owners mistake it for and auto insurance while others think it is a guarantee for all repairs. 

What is an Auto Service Warranty? 

This is an alternative plan for covering the cost of particular vehicle repairs when the owner needs them. The automaker guarantees to cater for the expenses incurred by a vehicle as a result of sub-par manufacturing or mechanical issues for a specified period. The service warranty is not necessarily bought the same day as the car. The car owner can postpone the idea and decide to buy it later. But if the vehicle is being financed by a loan, then the extended warranty can be added as a cost to the loan. Normally, the auto service warranty becomes valid as soon as the manufacturer's warranty expires. It is still possible for the two to overlap.

How Important Is the Extended Auto Warranty?

A driver needs protection even after the factory warranty expires. This is where NCWC Inc auto service warranties come in. With a vehicle service contract, the car owner does not need to worry about an engine or power-train damage, mechanical breakdown, component failure, tear parts, and non-wear issues. Routine maintenance is up to the vehicle owner to handle e.g. brakes replacement, roadside assistance, oil changes, and new tires. It is advisable to carefully read the fine print to understand what the contract covers or doesn't cover. If an item is not on the list, then it will not be covered by the auto service warranty. 

There is a significant difference between auto service warranties and insurance. The auto insurance pays for the costs that may result from external factors say theft, natural accidents, and vandalism. But it does not cater for mechanical breakdowns. However, vehicle owners who buy NCWC Inc auto service warranties have a protection plan against common mishaps. In essence, both auto insurance and the service contract give total protection. 

Because auto service warranties cover for every need an budget, they are more affordable compared to auto-pocket repairs. Moreover, there are no deductibles most of the times and the car owner has a great choice in mechanic or dealership. It is a perfect way to stay prepared for the unexpected hence spreading out the expenses over the repayment period of an auto loan. 

How it Works 

The process starts by choosing a repair facility where the automaker serves a network of dealers. But you need to choose a reliable repair shop with a certified mechanic. Once your car is checked, the mechanic highlights the issues and passes on the information to the provider of your auto service warranty. Your coverage provider might give you a membership card which you have to issue every time your car needs repair from the chosen mechanic. In case there are any extra charges, you must pay afterward. The labor cost, taxes, and replacement parts are covered by the extended warranty. 

Work With a Credible Service Contract Provider

The last thing you want is a policy that asks you to pay in advance for your car breakdowns. Avoid unscrupulous companies that provide vague reimbursement procedures because they will have your claims denied. Beware of dealers who include fees without your consent. If you are looking for an independent auto service contract, do your due diligence and shop around. When you need a transparent service for auto protection, consult NCWC Inc.

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