Here’s What Makes CGI Communications CEO Bob Bartosiewicz So Special

2021-05-22 15:29:41 - Rochester, New York - (PR Distribution™)

As the company founder and leader of one of the most community-focused marketing firms in the country, CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz has always been serious about helping municipalities, organizations, and small businesses get their message out effectively.

From the early days of CGI Communication in the late 1980s when the majority of the marketing push was creating hand-drawn local business maps to the early 2000s when DVD marketing was all the rage, to the current marketing landscape where video marketing, search engine optimization, and social media make or break the success of campaigns CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz has been there every step of the way.

The reason clients continue to rely on this marketing firm, though, is because of a handful of bedrock principles that CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz has made foundational parts of this business.

Open Lines of Communication

Everything starts with completely open lines of communication and total transparency from top to bottom, from start to finish, with CGI Communications.

Clients are brought on board following a rigorous fact-finding and research phase, helping CGI Communications to better understand the local community, municipality, or trade organization from the ground up.

This approach allows CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz and the team to better understand the needs of that operation, but also to dig and find the core message that helps separate these communities, municipalities, and organizations from all others, too.

That’s a huge competitive advantage and it’s something only made possible with a lot of in-depth communication and back and forth.

Connection Built on Shared Goals and Missions

CGI Communications has also mastered the art of creating marketing pieces for communities and organizations that elevate their mission, elevate their goals, and communicate both of those with like-minded individuals around the country.

After all, communities are so much more than just physical real estate and topography. They are real people with distinct ideas, attitudes, and energy all focused on creating something really special together – with all hands on deck pulling in the same direction. Communicating that effectively through marketing, however, can be a bit of a challenge – particularly in today’s crowded and cluttered marketplace of ideas. CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz and the team really excel in this department, thanks in large part to the more than 30+ years of experience they have in crafting exactly these kinds of marketing campaigns!

Data-Driven Solutions that Build Strong, Connected, and Energized Communities

At the end of the day, the slickest marketing and the most impressive campaigns have to be carefully tracked and measured to see just how effective they are – as well as to find any gaps, any obstacles, or any weak spots that need to be addressed.

This is all done by taking a data-driven approach to tracking key metrics, optimizing essential areas of feedback, and always finding a way to iterate over and over again. Refining messages, reaching the right groups, and connecting with the right people to build a community, to build influence, and to generate excitement are all a big part of what makes CGI Communications so special.

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