Hitron unveils next generation 10G fiber xPON ONT/ONU solutions to support the 10G future

2022-09-14 13:00:00 - Centennial, CO, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Hitron Technologies, today announced its new 2300 Series of 10G fiber ONT/ONU devices. These next generation customer premise devices can deliver up to 10G symmetrical speeds, enabling service providers to future proof their service offerings and deliver ultra-high upstream and downstream speeds. 

The 10G PON interface can support 10G-EPON, XG-PON, and XGS PON. This flexibility lets service providers deploy the right solution for fiber deployment. The migration to 10G PON is a cost-effective upgrade, as operators can increase customer access speeds without overhauling their existing fiber gateways and infrastructure. In particular, the ultra-high symmetrical bandwidth enables providers to level up to higher-priced service tiers and expand into more application scenarios, such as high-resolution VR, UHD gaming, premium telecommuting, voice over IP and more. 

In addition to enabling faster Internet access speeds, the NOVA-2302 and NOVA-2304 models allow operators to grow their revenue and expand their service offerings with 5G cellular. These models add support for PTP (precision time protocol), which is used to carry the clock across the network and meet 5G’s tight timing requirements. PTP minimizes latency and interference issues that can lead to choppy or garbled audio – ensuring a better customer experience as operators expand into 5G. 

“It’s no secret that the past three years have pushed bandwidth demands to new highs; competition is fierce to deliver multi-Gigabit services to residential and business customers. The new 2300 Series 10G PON ONT/ONU products offer the scalability, manageability and performance that providers need to upgrade their networks to meet this demand for high-capacity Internet,” said Greg Fisher, President and Chief Technology Officer at Hitron Technologies Americas. 

Hitron’s ONT/ONUs also support DOCSIS provisioning, which allows cable operators to cost-effectively migrate to fiber while keeping their existing DOCSIS provisioning, billing, and management systems. This is an important feature as more cable operators are deploying fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) 10G PON as an overlay to coax in order to meet skyrocketing bandwidth demands.

Key product details: 

  • Supports IEEE 802.3av 10G-EPON, ITU-T G.987.2 XG-PON and ITU-T G.9807.1 XGS-PON
  • Speeds up to 10 Gbps downstream and 10 Gbps upstream
  • 10G and 1G LAN
  • PTP timing support
  • Remotely manageable via 802.3ah OAM
  • Built-in fiber tray (select models)
  • DOCSIS DPoE 2.0 compliant
  • Optional voice and battery backup (select models)

The company will be showcasing its these new ONT/ONUs at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2022 (Booth # 4037) in Philadelphia, PA from September 19-22.

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Hitron Technologies is changing the way the world works, plays and connects. Our leadership in broadband and Wi-Fi technology, combined with our vertically integrated manufacturing services, enable us to continually push the envelope of what’s possible and deliver custom, cost-effective and scalable solutions. Hitron Technologies Americas Inc. is a subsidiary of Hitron Technologies and is based in Centennial, Colorado.

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