Holdex & Chainplus Partner Up to Better Serve Companies in the Blockchain Industry

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - SHEUNG WAN, HONG KONG - (PR Distribution™)

The Hong Kong based Chinese blockchain marketing agency, Chainplus, partners with Holdex, a leading provider of software for token issuance and distribution. With the Blockchain industry poised to change the way we do business and handle transactions, these two companies have partnered up to better serve companies in the space. By collaborating closely and combining their resources, Chainplus and Holdex are now able to provide much more valuable support for token generation events (TGE), allowing them to run smoothly and more efficiently. 


Chainplus is a digital marketing agency that has worked with over 50 blockchain projects to assist with their marketing in China. Altogether the projects they’ve worked with have raised nearly 1 billion dollars. With the dramatic shift in the market over the last few months Chainplus has adapted its strategies and introduced new services to better serve the blockchain community.


One of the new services Chainplus has begun to offer its clients is Holdex’s top of the line software which enables companies to host their TGO with ease. The Holdex platform offers all the tools needed to generate, sell and distribute tokens in a compliant way, integrating the world’s top KYC and due diligence providers. Holdex’ software also comes with token and crowdsale smart contracts in addition to a wide range of enticing features, such as a dashboard for campaign monitoring, embeddable widgets, airdrops/bonuses, and easy lock-up period creation. In a nutshell, Holdex provides companies interested in distributing tokens with all that’s needed, no programming required!


Chainplus on the other hand hopes to work with Holdex’s clients already using the platform to further their reach into China through social media and media coverage. Having worked with some of the best in the industry Chainplus believes that adding Holdex software to its list of services will be a tremendous advantage. 


“With the combination of Holdex’s software and our marketing services, we firmly believe that we can better serve any upcoming blockchain project, big or small. As we head into the new year and a new age for the blockchain industry we believe partnerships like this will be key in adapting to the ever-changing needs of companies in the space.” said Chainplus founder Raymond Lam. 


“We believe that the way forward to serve the many deserving projects out there, is to come together as experts each in our own field and focus on doing what we all are best at”, says Vadim, Holdex CEO. He then continues: “ChainPlus adds a lot of value to or network of trusted partners and for us it has become a natural practice to connect our projects with them. All we care about is to open as many doors as possible for our customers to succeed in what they want to do and ChainPlus has already proven to be an invaluable partner in this mission.” 


About ChainPlus: (https://chainplus.one/) Chainplus is a social media marketing agency which helps companies in the blockchain industry reach out to their target audience in China. The company provides a one-stop service for overseas projects entering the China market, consisting of marketing strategy, consulting, public relations management, media placement, community operation and offline roadshows. ChainPlus.One has established strong relationships with over 80% of Blockchain media platforms in China while serving countries from around the globe. 


 About Holdex: (https://holdex.io/) Holdex is a financial technology software provider with a focus on making fundraising easy and affordable for startups. It is Asia’s leading decentralised cloud-based platform where digital asset companies manage their token sales and connect with backers. Holdex is a one-stop blockchain ecosystem and network that connects token issuers, KYC providers, smart contract developers and legal experts to structure and run security token offerings. Further information on Holdex is available at www.holdex.io 

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